Thursday, January 5, 2006


Aside from the terrible news on the death of 12 W. VA miners this morning, there is another story going on in the middle east. I still don't understand why the relatives of those miners were given two different messages regarding the miners trapped under the ground for more than 2 days.

Israeli PM Sharon is in ICU after suffering a major stroke. This couldn't get worse.

He is the best Chance Arabs could get to reach a peace agreement with the Jewish state. Although there is an election ahead (in late March 2006) but it is not known if PM Sharon's survival would affect the election results.

And back home here in Canada, elections enter a critical stage as we approach the voting day.

The recent poll results vary but this one ( I have no idea how true it can be since it is from Al-reuters) shows that Liberals are slightly ahead of Tories.

The Strategic Counsel poll, conducted for The Globe and Mail newspaper and CTV News, showed the ruling Liberal Party had the support of 33% of adult Canadians, with the Conservatives at 31 percent.

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