Sunday, February 5, 2006

C-SPAN Interviewed Prince Pahlavi

I was asleep this sunday morning when a friend of mine phoned from the States and told me to watch C-SPAN Washington Journal interview with Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi

Click on the Washington Journal Entire Program (02/05/2006) at this link and the interviews include Daniel Pipes, Jerome Corsi and at the end Prince Pahlavi takes the calls. His highness interview begins at the 2nd hour of the programme so if you want to skip the others' interviews, then just take the clip position button further and it is on the 2nd hour of the whole video. I hope you enjoy.

Among the points he made:

The regime is on a collision course with the Western world.

The nuclear talks have been useless and given more time to the regime to develop the weapons.

The Iranian government needs confrontation, crisis and chaos in order to survive.

The Islamic regime needs atomic weapons because they can't fight the rest of the world militarily using conventional methods.

The mullahs need to have nukes in order to threaten and use them as leverage against the West. It's the only way they can achieve their dirty goals.

His highness also made it clear that he doesn't eye the power but what he seeks is to help free Iran through any logical means and that the choice of restoring monarchy will be left to the Iranian people.

He also spoke to a liberal caller who tried to bring up the argument that the U.S. not allowing other countries to have nuclear energy or weapons for that matter and imposing its will and democracy on foreign countries is what makes everyone hate the U.S. And Pahlavi's answer reminded the caller of the US Constitution and American liberty and democracy and the basic freedoms existing in the America and compared them to what the people didn't have in Iran and made the caller look like the foolish, liberal he was.

He also added that we do not have much time and "a lot needs to be done in the next few months".

I believe his administration will put a direct link to this great interview on his web site. And I hope that he is working with the Bush administration in order to help gather the good opposition forces together and form a government in exile or some thing.

Prince Pahlavi is still popular and well known inside of the country and he is one of the few Iranians whom people can trust fully and without any doubts.


vashti said...

Thank you for posting the interview. Keep up the good work.

Chester said...

I heard the interview. It was very good.
I'd like to see the White House make 10's of thousands (100's of thousands) of copies and get them into Iran for the people to see. That's the sort of thing we should be doing to help the democratic movement in Iran. Disseminate information. Weaken the regime.

Anonymous said...

instead of video tapes, the US should send weapons to the Iranians

vashti said...

Wow, I just listened to the interview and it was brilliant.

I loved the caller who said "what do you think about Carter who with the help of CIA overthrow your father." Absolutely, pricelss... And chester you're right, we need to somehow communicate his message to a much broader audience inside Iran.

Sahar said...

Liked the interview... He is cute. ;)

آهو said...

Winston azizam, thanks a lot. I fixed the links. I am sorry about the movie! I did the best I could do. Try typing in the address may be it works. I truly apologize but I don't know why it works in some cases and does not work in others! By the way if I ever meet your childhood friend in Los Angeles I will have him contact you.

آهو said...

I know one thing about Pahlavies; they love Iran dearly. And I know one thing about the current regime; they absolutely hate Iran. They could not careless for Iran. You and I know this but it is a very hard concept for my American friends to comprehend.
“ How can a countries own government dislike that country?” They ask. I did not have the luck to see Iran during Pahlavies dynasty.

marjan said...

i have a sujestion for u. plz write about iran at the canadian newspapers these days... by the way i linked u

Andrew Baker said...

What needs to be remembered is that analysis of where Iran should go from here should be tempered with the fact that the western influence with Iran and the middle east in general has been terrible.

The west have in your countries history, deposed a legitimate democratic government. Have sought to gain influence/ownership over oil interests.

Perhaps when the west shows increased resolve and integrity in dealing with the Israel/Palestinian issue then its remedies for change in Iran and elsewhere will be listened too.

I commented on the same strand as you at

"The cartoon issue is one that reminds us that all pure intelectual theory founders on the relevance of context. It is the context that these images are read and received. This context is where Muslims living in the west are the prime subjects for arrest under emergency orders, with reduced rights for the person arrested. With the increased risk of being incarcerated and tortured.

The various examples of insults and alledged insults against Islam at Abhu Graib prison and elsewhere is also a relevant background for how things are received.

The boundaries of Freedom of speech is always being navigated however its moral authority founders when it seeks to defame, insult and degrade for its own sake, when no insight or additional knowledge is gained by such an action.

There is bias abound in the western media which refutes a relevant middle eastern perspective. The publication of these cartoons does nothing to change this view."

psycle said...

Andrew Baker:

With all due respect, it’s disingenuous of you while you feign deep regret over the Western meddlings in Iranian affairs, you display utter lack of interest in learning about the plight of Iranian inside iran who are brutalized economically, socially, politically on a daily basis. I don’t hear you criticizing the extrajudicial execution, kidnappings and torturing of Iranian journalists, scholars, and political dissidents on a regular basis in Iran. If you had listened to the interview, you would have learned that the Mullahs were installed by President Carter with the help of CIA to contain the spread of Communism in the various segment of society in Iran. Even the clergies were influenced by the Marxist ideology as its evidenced in the way they run their government and the economy. BTW,The project was called the "Islamic Belt". Jimmy Carter and his national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski justified their Islamic Belt Project in his book in this manner "In fact, an Islamic revival - already abetted from the outside not only by Iran but also by Saudi Arabia - is likely to become the mobilizing impulse for the increasingly pervasive new nationalisms, determined to oppose any reintegration under Russian - and hence infidel - control." (p. 133)