Monday, February 6, 2006

Thinking Loudly

As a person who spent most of my life in Iran, I can write more on the systematic brainwashing being performed by the Iranian regime at schools and universities.

I once wrote about how the school principles or teachers wanted the students to shout slogans and say death to America or Israel during the morning cermons every day and how funny it was when some of us didn't follow the crowd and say some thing else.

Like when they wanted us to say "Salute to Mohammed and his family" in Arabic we did say some thing like "you make all of us bored/dull" in persian which was also in rhyme with the arabic format of the salute.

Then today I remembered the shows and movies played on the national TV back in Iran of which most were about praising terrorists killing the former regime officials, preaching violence and stuff like that in the name of Islam or their nasty revolution or shows criticizing the western values and all of these ridiculous shows backfired and majority of young people in Iran are truly in love with the western values no matter how decadent they might look to the regime officials.

Any how, speaking of the western values makes me point at the recent video played by CNN on Iran showing a group of young guys playing their favorite music in an underground bunker.

(The entire series of the videos can be seen here)

It has always been a question for me that how a free Iranian society will look like? What can we see in a free and democratic Iran that can not be seen in Iran of today?

I, impatiently, look forward to a free Iran because I want to see how people would appreciate it or function in such a society?

It would be fun to see these young music players leave their underground places and come forward and stage a show for the public in one of the Tehran's park. Isn't this a great thing to think about?

For the sake of the beautiful things and dreams, we need to help free our ancient country from the rule of the islamic regime that is like a leech sucking the blood (read assets of the Iranian society) of the country.

I know it is nothing but a repeated slogan but it is too obvious that sitting and doing nothing won't do good either. Time is going by fast and we have lots to do.

We are a generation that have gone through hardship, extensive brainwashing at schools and the society and yet we are who we should be. Therefore it is a precious thing to show that we are ready to fight back and it is worth of speaking out against those who have been trying to shut us.

I guess I have been thinking out loudly ( this is quite like laughing out loudly) a lot these days!


vashti said...

Think loudly to your heart

A must read site:

Anonymous said...

IRI President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here on Wednesday that selflessness and martyrdom-seeking is the only way to save mankind, adding, "We are all obliged to keep alive the culture of martyrdom-seeking in the society."

What a dangerous moron is this guy.

تـــــرنـــٌــــم said...

اومـدم احـوالـپرسـی، هـمین