Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Different Crap, Same Taste

Different Crap, Same Taste

Thanks to the Enlightenment Movement going on among the Iranian youth the nature of the religions is crystal clear to the Iranian youth.

I remember having discussions with Downer and in our Jungle Band about the similarities of the religions and how terrible a religious government, of any type, can be.

Actually these idealogies are the same thing in many fields and after a while we concluded the following statement:

Islam is definitely pure crap and Christianity is the same crap covered by the delicious creams so people wouldn't be able to realize the taste of the crap.

Although this is a bit of marxist related idea but it shows how Iranian youth are fed up with any sort of religious teachings.


tasha said...

I wouldn't call it marxist.
Maybe agnostic or atheist.
But its understandable why Iranians are fed up with religion.

Ehsan said...

Religious establishments are all harmful. Plus Islam needs to go throuhg an age of enlightment just as Christianity did. But religion as a personal and private thing is not to be argued publicly. This is what I think.
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Islam is the only major ‘religion' in the world whose prophet used violent means to spread its influence.

That, in itself, sets it apart from all others.

Do not give up on you search for inner peace ... you will only get frustrated trying to pacify others.

I know there is an answer and I have found it. I'm confident that with an open mind and a pure heart, your search will find a more satisfactory community, which will be able to help you through your hard times.