Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Riots In Qom & Music (( UPDATED ))

"This instant and eternity are struggling within us"- Arvo Pärt

I was browsing some Persian language weblogs to find out more on the riots in the city of Qom, south of Tehran, where hundreds of Sufi Muslims were attacked by the regime thugs and it seems the city is still in chaos and protests are widespread in this religious city. (This is now confirmed by the BBC Persian service and Iran's Labor News Agency).

Then I came across the weblog of an Iranian writer and poet who is now living in exile and suddenly a calm piece of music started to play.

It is called ''Spiegel im Spiegel'' which you can find it on this page and enjoy a peaceful moment of relaxation by listening to it!

It reminds me of a tired, peaceful peice of land that we call IRAN.

A land of divided nation but still united, a land that is tired but still proud, ruined but still beautiful, .... sigh!

Oh, well...probably riots in the city of Qom and this music don't have any thing in common but I posted them together any how.

UPDATE1: I got some pictures! Check here
UPDATE2: This piece of related news is in english
UPDATE3: Finally, I found some more pictures
UPDATE4: Rooz Online has a report on this


شراره said...

Thank you.
You have a good weblog too.
we will be glad to meet you again in harfhayehyek54ri.

lida said...
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Anonymous said...

BAba, in digeh che joor islamieh ke ba khodesh ham badeh

آهو said...

وينستون جان، خيلي ممنون از لينك وبلاگ معروفي. موزيك هم زيبا بود.
عكسهاي اين جنايت جديدشون رو هم ديدم! اين رژيم فقط تحمل تروريست و ادم كش رو داره. حالا گيريم كه اين دراويش مسلمان باشند و كارشان مدح علي. چون صلح طلب و ضد خشونتند اين رژيم تحملشون رو نداره.