Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Poor Animals

Did you see the islamic militants had donkeys rallied in Tehran this morning?

If not, you can see them here

Poor animals!

Seriously, the Islamic regime violates the rights of animals too ;-)

Honestly I don't understand what they achieved by this act. I guess by this stupid act, all they achieved is to prove their idiocy.

How the hell do the civilized countries want to negotiate with these radical monsters?


Richards said...

مرگ بر بسیجی کثیف

Anonymous said...

The mullahs must be desprate (zalil) to use donkeys as their propaganda agents (Mozdoor). lol

آهو said...

واقعا چيزي كه تو دنيا حد نداره"خريت" جمهوري اسلاميه!