Tuesday, February 14, 2006


This is a sad news just in!

Can you believe me if I tell you about an Iranian refugee in Afghanistan?

Shahram, my UK based friend and blogger, informs us about the case of an Iranian refugee in Afghanistan and then when I got to the original source of the news which is MayKadeh, to my shock and horror, I found out that the refugee claimant has died yesterday. He did set himself on fire for being refused to be taken by the shameful UN...

I hate you Mullahs for what you have done to Iran! I hate you wholeheartedly! I never doubted that I detest you but now I am truly sure that I am full of anger and hatred for your corrupt system, way of thinking, stupidness and idiocy.

My heart is full of hate towards you and your form of government and religion!

I will always hate you!


Anonymous said...

Winston: Gawd, did you see what garabage that guy Eshraghi has posted on the iraniantruth website?
I think he is a true believer. One of those who will give his life for Allah. Why is he here in the US?

زن متولد ۱۳۵۷ said...

I hate them too !
be omide roozi ke iran az vojoode har che akhonde kasife paak behshe! arezoo daram bebinam oon roozo ........


Tasha said...

It's awful hearing these desperate stories.

The UN has become a despicable organization, and UNHCR is a very disfunctional agency. (to say the least)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha. What a dumbass. He should have stayed in his own damn country. The rest of you Iranians can also piss off back to your own country...so we can nuke all of you in one place.

Winston said...

And I see you didnt have guts to post under your own name, dude!

Get a life!

Anonymous said...

i loathe the motherfucking mullahs
they are fucking crazy and i fucking hate the motherfuckers
they are stupid fucking son of a bitches and they should seriously get the fuck out of iran
they will do good to the world if their asses left iran
the world would have peace if it wasnt for them
the people of iran have no freedom because of these sick fucks
the people deserve their freedom and the world deserve their peace
so please you fucking mullahs leave and we will all be happy
and you motherfucking anoonymous dude, shut the fuck up ok, we all left the country because we hate them so fucking much so shut your fucking mouth...you big mouth fucker, stupid cocksucker

Tariq Mahmood said...

Winston you too are a coward hiding behind a pen name.

I too hate Mullahs, they have ruined our culture, from Morocco to Malaysia we suffer from the morbidity they preach.

However America is no friend of us, they view us as Sub Human, not only because of actions but because we are born on a different land than they are.

Please educate yourself on Globalization. Globalization is the spread of labor intensive jobs to regions where people will work for less compensation. I am not saying I am against globalization, it actually can be used to allow us to improve our societies and get access to education and technology by saving up the resources they pay us with for our labor.

However Globalization is by every definition exploitative. The poverty of these nations, IE lack of Capital and Skills, is being exploited.

The West has no intention of giving us equality, or giving anyone more than it has to equality.

Anonymous said...

why are the mullahs in power...
get them down!!

Anonymous said...

dont they understand the world is watching!!!
mullahs wake up..adamant dorks!!!!