Sunday, February 26, 2006

How would you deal with idiots?

ISNA has more pictures of the recent government sponsored protests in front of the British embassy in Tehran, Iran.

But my question is how would you deal with these idiots if you have to?

I wouldn't want to sit and reason with them because their brain cells are just frozen and cant store any thing logical any more.

What else can people do to deal with Islamo-Fascists other than dealing with them through harsh methods just like the way the free world dealt with Nazis in 1940s?


سینا مالکی said...

Dear Winston,
Denying atacks to humand are really ashaming and I am refused to negotiate with such ones.
Good Luck!

يك مترجم said...

Salaam azizam;
There is no doubt that the political structure of the US is a democratic one. But I am talking about the childish mind of mullahs and Bush and their similarities. Talkin' about their foolish games. To them all of us are terrorists. They say that there is difference between people and governments. But actually no difference you are not the citizen of Iran anymore, since you were born in Iran should get fingerprinted. Now if you read my post answer my question: Tell me if we are terrorists why they issue visa for the representative of Mesbah Yazdi? What the hell he was doin' there in ashoora?
I think it is not the US duty to make peace. If we love something we'll try to reach it. If not let them burn in their negligence. When we have such fool people who elect Ahmadinejad as their president, the US can not do anything. Believe me or not, it seems that in Iran Freedom is not the problem, a loaf of bread is all.

Winston said...

1- never ever believe whatever those LA based TV say. they are bunch of idiots so we dont know if that Mesbah guy was in the US or not. Did you see him personally?
That Amir Farshad Ebrahimi had the permission to get asylum in the US (read his web site) but he didnt go himself. It is not US fault.

2- These days every body except Canadians and British get fingerprinted upon their arrival in the US, even French or Germans or Italians. Every body can be stripped search too. In a post 9-11 world, every body is suspicious and it is their country. we cant tell them how to run it.

3- I dont believe that Iranian people elected Ahmadinejad. He was chosen by the leader of Iran in a riggid election.
Ask yourself, did you vote for him?
You know better than I do that he was selected in a riggid election.
That is it.

Regarding the fact that you call Bush the Valie faghih of the world... you are unable to explain their similarities though.

I know you hate Bush and his cronies and I really dont care, but the important thing is that we open our eyes and do not repeat whatever other idiots say in the world.

Bush as a president is the only head of state that talks about the oppression of the Iranian people under this regime and that is good. I agree with him about almost every thing.

Hope my explanations help you get to know the world more and better.

Winston Smith

Shahram Ghahremani said...

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گاو مقدس said...

Dear Winston,
In the Mullas country it is common to make mistakes. Mistake comes from 1979 and will be thre till end.
Also there is a problem in your Logo, when you click on it, refers to your article about Logo not in the main page and latest article.

Anonymous said...


"only a fanaticized people can be manipulated."--Hitler

The Basiji and the religious zealots through "mass hypnosis" via congregating in mosques and via manipulative and propagndist words of the mullahs are whipped into zombified robots who will do anything their masters tell them.

This reminds me of another quote:"Religion is an opiate of the Masses."

marjan said...

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