Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The New Yorker takes on Iran

In this issue of The New Yorker magazine, staff writer "Connie Bruck" writes about the Iranian opposition groups in exile and the threat of Mullahs' nuclear program. (page 48)

Unfortunately it is not available online now but if you are able to get this issue, please do.

It has lots of valuable info on main Iranian opposition groups such as Monarchists and Secular Republicans and also terrorist MEK/NCRI.

For example it says the info which MEK/NCRI gives out as secrets of the Iran's nuke program comes from the Israeli government since Israel doesn't wish to intervene in this issue directly and the writer mentions the current US government stance on the MEK/NCRI position. ( I'd refer to Condi Rice as saying: "You know a terrorist group is a terrorist group")

The article also talks about how Crown Prince Pahlavi is relentlessly trying to unite different opposition groups to oust the clerical regime and it names those individuals involved in the fight against the fascist regime of Iran.

Another important point of the article is that those who are trying to help free Iran from the rule of the mullahs are either Republicans or somehow connected to the Republican (Right Wing) circles of Washington D.C and and there is not one single Democratic party member who would like to help with the process of democratization of Iran.

The article mentions the role of people like Mr. Sazegara who left Iran to become a resident scholar at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy which is a right wing think tank and that Mr. Sazegara is an advocate of a free and fair referrundum to determine the future of Iran which is a good thing. I appreciate him for being a vocal advocate of the Iran's democratic movement in the US.

It is good to mention that in the article the notion that the Bush government is no longer counting on the fake reform movement led by the regime was stressed many times. It is a good sign and that is what should have been done earlier. It is nice to see that the reform mask of the islamic regime is taken off by Ahmadinejad and company

Personally I cant understand how people expect a fascist and totalitarian regime to be reformed.

Of course the believers in the dead reform of a fascist regime and hypocrites defending the nature of the Islamic regime do not wish to see a free and prosperous Iran at all so they resist any one trying to help make the lives of the Iranian people better and they claim to be the speakers of the majority of the people.

Finally the point of the article makes me think that some thing good is in the making and the good will forces are combined to do some thing after a while.

It is an informative read and it is good if you can get this Issue of 2006-03-06 of the New Yorker magazine!


Sahar said...

I will try to get it for sure. It seems interesting. Nikahang has written something about it too, but I think he has a different take from you.! If I am not wrong. ;)

Winston said...

I read what NIKAHANG has said about the New Yorker magazine article.

Well, I dont get these so-called reformist people who have no tools to further their agenda and do not want to believe that their so-called reform movement died couple of yrs ago.

They like their nasty revolution and they can't say it louder than they do now.

BTW, who cares what the Islamic revolution fans say about people like Reza pahlavi?!

I simply never care!


Anonymous said...

Winston: you should check out Amir.irani-tehrani's weblog too. He is written a very good synopsis of the New Yorker article.

Azadeh said...

I recently discovered your weblog and I love it. I agree with most of your political views.
Are you the same person that leave comments for "sibil" weblog? I love you comments
I also live in Canada.
I wish, someday I know you in person