Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Muslims and Our Values

I really do not understand how radical muslims can set laws for the western values upon their own primitive values. I am also writing this in anger and I symapthize with my Danish friend who is also angry at these radical muslims.

Look at here and here to find out more on what is going on.

See the cartoons

Now arab countries are about to boycotte the Danish goods because a Danish citizen exercised his rights to express his ideas in form of a funny cartoon...

It may look funny to most on how bunch of undemocratic countries which their only product is possibly oil can set laws and regulations for western democracies but this is dead serious to me.

The rise of the militant Islam and radicals worry me a lot and make me think about the clash of the civilizations more and more.

I have always argued that in the post modern era, the train of democracy and social freedoms is moving at the fastest speed and those who do not wish to get on this express train will be left behind to fight each others.

In this age of information, these primitive people in the arabic middle east seem unwilling to get on the train of progress and civilization.

They do not want to get on the train and they also do not want us to move forward. They want to hold all of us back.

This is not the first time and it will not be the last time we see such clashes between the civilized world of liberal democracies and primitive ideas of the radical islamists.

Who wins this clash?


Adrian from Denmark said...

Thanks for your support mate!

Things are really developing fast here, in both positive and negative directions.

The negative first
- There have been 2 bombthreaths against Jyllandsposten yesterday.
- 1 bombthreath against the Danish embassy in Damaskus today.
- Fatwa against Denmark is issued from some group in Iraq.
- The tradeboycot continues.
- Some people that works in Saudi arabia, for the danish company Arla, have been beaten up.

The positives now.
- Many newspapers in europe supports us now, and are also printing the cartoons in support for freedom of speech.
- "Reporters without borders" are supporting us, I find that *VERY* important.
- And maybe the best of all goes here. The Imam in Denmark that have stirred up all this shit have just been caught in a blatant lie in full public. He told in danish news that he works to stop the boycut, but in same day he also told to Al Jazeera (TV interview, so no way to cover his lies) that he is happy for the boycut.

A new network "moderate muslims" is being formed saturday, and their agenda is "Muslims that are democratics" and I really hope they get lots of support, so fanatics are getting marginalized in the future.

Cheers, and thanks for your support
Adrian (Peace be upon me)

Anonymous said...

I like your use of the train metaphor.

Sahar said...

I liked this post. I didn't see the cartoons, so I am happy that you put it here. It is crazy how these stupid people are trying to run the whole world with violence. Remmebr the Dutch filmmaker? They killed him! I think this is all crazy. I am all for support of the Danish cartoonist. I am wondergin what Nikahang would think of this situation!

Winston said...

I doubt Nikahang draws such a toon for two reasons

1- He has already have a death warrant over his head

2- He is a muslim and unable to break his own code and that is why I mostly disagree with him.

Sahar said...


I didn't mean at all for Nikahang to draw such cartoons... I know he is moslem, and I respect him for (despite?) that.

What I meant was just because he was moslem, I was wonderin if he was still going to defend the danish cartoonist's right to draw these cartoons, or would he condemn him.

Sorry, if I was not clear.

Anonymous said...

It is crazy how these stupid people are trying to run the whole world with violence.

Ha ha ha! Americans are stupid.