Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Our Problem, Their Problem

Our problem, by our I mean Iranians, is lack of social freedoms and democracy and their (Americans) problem is a regime sponsoring terrorism and having nuclear ambitions.

President Bush didn't address our problem as many of us wished he would, but he addressed the concerns of the United States which are terrorism and the nuclear issues.

I'd say we have done what we could to show our resentment for the clerical regime and the world knows that the Iranian regime is not popular inside Iran.

I would also like to add that Iranian people can not take care of the US concerns (nukes & terrorism) and the US may not be willing to help take care of our concerns.

Frankly, I am disappointed with the President's speech tonight.

He disappointed anyone who thought he was going to anounce a clear policy on Iran, because that's what the media had said the other day.

Any ways, it is also clear that the mullahs won't end their support for the terrorism and will not stop their dangerous nuclear programs so the clash between the west (the US) and Iranian regime is now obvious. We'll have to wait and see how it affects the regime and the Iranian people though.

Will this clash put an end to the rule of the clerical regime in Tehran? How long is this clash going to last?

I am, indeed, disappointed but I still believe that it is a bit early to come to a conclusion on this.

We're in the beginning of a crisis.


آهو said...

حرف شما كاملا درست است. اين تحريف تاريخ باستان ايران در جمهوري اسلامي دارد كم كم به فاجعه اي عظيم تبديل ميشود. من عاشق تاريخ ايرانم. تاريخ هيچ سرزميني اينقدر پرپيچ و خم و شيرين و در عين حال غمگين نيست. شوربختانه مردم ايران هم كم كم دارند اين تحريفات را باور ميكنند. شما فكر ميكنيد در تمام اين رژيم لااقل يك نفر وجود دارد كه ايران را دوست داشته باشد؟ منكه فكر نميكنم. در ايران يك تاريخ نويس قلابي به اسم ناصر پوراپير پيدا شده. اين شخص انچنان مزخرفاتي سرهم كرده كه ادم را ديوانه ميكند. من به غير از ناصر انقطاع و بهرام مشيري ديگر تاريخ دان اگاهي نميشناسم.

آهو said...

Dear Winston,
I agree. All that, even more. Honestly I think they have done so much damage that recovering from it would be hard. They remind me of "ZahaK" in Shahname. I am sure you have read the piece by "Sirjani" in which he compared Khomeini to Zahak and they killed him for that.

Tarannom said...

درود بـه شـما
کامنت هـاتون رو در وبلاگ نـیک آهـنگ خـونـدم، شـما هـم دلـتون خـوشه هـا... آخـه ایـن جـمـهوری(!؟!؟!؟) خـواهـان چـه کارنـامـه ای طـی ایـن 27 سـال ارائـه دادنـد کـه بـشه روش حـرف زد؟بـجز فـسادو فـقرو ســرکـوب چـی دیـگه ؟ بـا آدمـهـای مـذهــبـی نـمیـشه بـحـث کـرد، اگــر قـابـل گـفـتگـو بـودنـد خـود آقـای هـمایـون بـجای خـندیدن بـهـشون پـاسـخ میـداد.ـ
مـن بـه شـخـصه هـیچ مشـکلی بـا کـشیدن کاریکاتـور شـاهـزاده یـا هـیچکـس دیـگه نـدارم امـا کـسی که ایـن ایـراد رو میـگـیره آیا خـودش ...م ایـن رو داره که کاریکاتـور مـحـمد رو هـم بـکشـه؟؟

Anonymous said...
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Sahar said...

I am not really disappointed. After all, whatever he says against Iran as a policy, could be used against him. They are in a very very critical situation, and I can imagine why he didn't want to say much about what they are going to do about Iran. I think he is waiting for more support this time, beofre he makes any move.

On a different note: Can you imagine now even China and Russia are with Us and Europe to send iran to UN security council? Who would have thought they can all come together? I am sure no one but our Ahmadi could do such a thing!!! So I guess Bush has high hopes for gathering allies this time. HE doens't want to ruin the support by ANY means.