Friday, February 3, 2006

Recent Developments

I am back home and now reading the news on Iran and the recent transit workers protest in Tehran and I guess more should be done in order to give awareness to the people around the world on the situation.

I read in several Iranian blogs (mainly written by people from inside of Iran) that around 1400 workers have been detained in the past few days and all of them are still in custody.

I saw that Human Rights Watch issued a statement regarding the illegal detention of the workers.

I also noted that the US State Dept spokesman condemned the suppression of last week demonstrators.

It is good to mention the statement by the Amnesty International which is a very good step for this infamous organization.

This article is worth of reading as well. And this one is also an interesting read

Indeed I noticed in the persian media ( that the French Socialist Party has reacted to the story by releasing a statement condemning the Iranian government for its actions and couple of other influential people like Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi also supported the workers.

I am also hearing that the transit workers will stay home today (friday) and the families of the detained protestors will hold another demonstration in front of the Islamic revolutionary court of justice on Saturday to demand the release of their loved ones.

There is no difference between the Iranian people today and the Polish people back in the 1980s but I guess the world has changed a lot and become unwilling to help other nations in their quest for greater freedoms.

Any how, if any one wants to pick up the support for Iranians, it is the right time to do so.

As Michael Ledeen has been saying over and over again: Faster Please!


آهو said...

راستش منهم نتونستم روي اينترنت فيلم رو ببينم. صدا داشت ولي تصوير نداشت. در ضمن من فيلم رو به انگليسي ديدم ولي اين فرانسه است. سعي ميكنم پيداش كنم.

Winston said...

it is okay!

آهو said...

I felt really bad for how the transit workers families were treated. I even read that a 2-year-old toddler was injured. Why? So a child should be injured because his father was fighting for his rights? You know I will be shocked if I ever hear that this regime has actually treated any body like a human being.

Richards said...

this regime consists of awful and wild animals, how can animals treat human beings like human beings?

Anonymous said...

Ministers of Murder: Iran’s New Security Cabinet