Friday, February 3, 2006

BBC Interviews Prince Reza Pahlavi

Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi had an interview with the BBC Radio in english this morning regarding the recent speech by president Bush, nuclear issues, transport workers strike, support for the Iranian people in their quest for freedom and future of democracy in Iran.

This man is smart and he knows what he is saying indeed.


Tasha said...

I think that is the best (or certainly one of the best) interviews I've heard with Reza. He was direct, concise and to the point. He corrected the interviewer and even interrupted him.
Is there a transcript available?

His point about the regime not feeling threatened very much by protests because they don't think the people have outside support, is right. Neither the regime nor the people see any hope for International support. And he said that the minute the people feel tangible elements of support from the outside for the deomocratic movement, the people will be heartened and things will start to change.

He said that it's imperative that the west support the striking workers.

And he spoke about the use of sanctions. That if they are used as part of an overall plan to weaken and get rid of the regime, the people will accept them. But they will not accept sanctions that make the people suffer and leave the regime intact.

I really think it's the best I've heard him.

Anonymous said...

Tasha: Agreed. Every Basiji could be bought with money....

Senator Brownback: U.S. must fund Iran groups

We should call or email his office and thank him for his support.

Tasha said...


I have written Brownbeck. The only thing I have a problem with, is funding MEK/NCRI. They must not be given a dime.

Anonymous said...

Tasha: Again, agreed. The MEK are bunch of deluded facists.