Friday, February 10, 2006

Reza Pahlavi with VOA Persian

جمعه ۱۰ فوريه، شاهزاده رضا پهلوی- سرعت کم

Although it is in Persian language on Voice Of America but I am going to highlight the main points of his highness interview:

1- Iranian people do not need some body to tell them what to do in terms of choosing their future government.

2- He, Crown Prince Pahlavi, respects the rights of his opponents no matter what.

3- The time is so tight to get rid of the mullahs because regime's path is the path of destruction for the mankind.

4- The ultimate goal is to have a democratic regime established in Iran as soon as possible.

5- Prince Reza Pahlavi opposes any sort of military intervention in Iran or heavy sanctions on the Iranian people but welcomes sanctions on the leadership

6- His highness opposes any useless talks between the Islamic regime and the free world because it is just wasting the time of the Iranian people

7- The only way to settle the Iranian regime nuclear issue is to empower the democratic forces inside and outside of the country for a free Iran which will pose no threat to the world

8- The goal of the democratic movement of the Iranian people is to have democracy and the form of the government does not matter now

9- His highness confirmed once and forever that those radicals pretending to be speakers of the constitutional monarchy movement are not the ones whom he approves.

Like I said, his highness has understood the importance of forming a coalition of good willing people in order to get rid of the current Iranian regime and help the people establish a freely elected government.

I hope he does more in order to get his message across the borders and to the desperate Iranians inside of Iran.

I am also providing you with the english version of the letter from the Iranian students to the free people of the world which was appeared on the Crown Prince's website

And this is the "letter from Iranian students to the freedom-loving people of the world" in Persian as well.


Anonymous said...

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Sahar said...


I think the date is 10 february, not 3rd...

تـــــرنـــٌــــم said...

sepaas az lotfet. man ham in khabar ro az secreteriate reza pahlavi migiram. vali oun bayaaniyeh avvali ro baraaye man nafrestaadeh boudan !!
shaad baashi ;)

Sahar said...


I watched the whole thing today. He seemed a little more jumpy in this one than the last one in Cspan.

He was still cute. ;)

Sahar said...

By the way, did you notice how many idiots called? It was interestin!!!! I was so mad, I could not believe them.

Anonymous said...

I was very impressed by Reza Pahlavi's debating skills.

Here is my response to those who brag about "esteghlal".

Esteghlal from what? Esteghlal from Economic prosperity
and and from Social justice? Esteghlal to plunder the wealth of Iran and its resource by a handful of mullahs who invoke God to justify their crimes and thieving?
Esteghlal to send the Iranian oil money to Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Palestine and in Iraq and god knows wherelse While Iranians live in abject poverty? Replacing USA with Germany and Russia,China, North Korea is Esteghlal?

What is "esteghlal" if you have the weakest economy in the world with absolutely no infrastructure in place to produce anything independently of Russia, Germany, China and so on.

Can a consumer society like Iran call itself "independent" and claim "esteghlal"?

The USA owes billions of dollars to China, Japan, and North Korea. Does that mean they don't have "esteghlal"? The world economy is globalized. All nation's economies are interdependent. In a globalized economy, there is no such a thing as esteghlal.

What is the defintion of "esteghlal" while having the second largest oil reserves in the world, we have to import gasoline and jet fuels worth10 billion dollar a year (3rd of all its import)? Why don't we have the capacity and infrastructure in place to produce our own gasoline? Is that what you call "esteghlal"? "True individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. "People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made of." Eisenhower

And to those who say the US wants Iran's oil. Iran's oil has reached it's peak. In 20 years Iran will have zero oil. And that's why the US invaded Iraq and NOT Iran.