Friday, February 10, 2006

They want us to fight

Yeah, I mean it! They want us to fight with Israel, America and the whole world and by "they" I mean some people I met in the past couple of days.

Well, I was hospitalized for the past 2 nights due to a not serious incident and I had very funny and also sad experiences in this period.

I don't know if you have ever been to places like hospitals, airports or hotel lobbies where you have lots of time to kill and all of a sudden you may start speaking with the person sitting next to you, on the next bed or chair or whatever.

Next to the bed I had, there was a gentleman from Hungary who fled his country in mid 1960s and came to Canada as a refugee claimant. This man started asking me if I am from Italy (I guess this might be the case for most Iranian men) and I said no, I'm proudly from Iran.

He said: Oh, great! I take my hat off to you and your country!
And I replied: uh well thank you sir but may I know why?
He said: Because of your stance against the Israelis and Americans!

I went ballistic and furious as if he was insulting me, honestly I usually don't care what people say or think about Iran, but since he was trying to make me look like one of the mullahs supporter I had to respond and correct his way of thinking about Iran therefore I did so and I got into a long debate with him and I compared his homeland during the communist reign with today Iran where Mullahs rule masses by force and brainwashing.

He told me how hard it was for people in communist block to listen to their favorite western music on short-wave radios and how dangerous it could be for people if they had been found out by secret police. So I had to tell him that Iran is no different than Hungary of the communists era.

Well, this wasn't the last person I saw yesterday wanting Iran to fight the rest of the world.

I saw a Somalian guy who told me he is proud of 'Amadinjihad' (Ahmadinejad) and that Iran is becoming a super power by producing nukes. LMAO, Please! I told him, stop it.

Fortunately I didn't get into another argument with him because I didn't have time and I was so tired.

However the last person I saw was another African gentleman from chad and he knew every thing about Iran, from PM Mossadeq, the late Shah and the death of PM Bakhtiar in Paris to President Khatami and Ahmadinejad.

He also asked me if this new maniac in Tehran is going to fight the Americans & Israelis and I replied, we Iranians do not want to go to war with any body and all we want is peace for the world and we are not warmongers. I had to explain to every single of these guys that this new idiot in Iran was not elected and he was chosen by the supreme leader of the regime in order to have every body aligned with his hardline stance towards the free world.

Oh my gosh, these past two days were just as crazy as one may imagine.

Any how, it seems that the cheap propaganda by the Islamic regime has had its own audience in the world and especially among the poor in Africa, Arab world and even in a rich country like Canada.

It is not some thing to laugh at, but indeed it is very ironic that how the world as we know is divided into two parts, rich & poor, independent & dependent, free and unfree.

That is why I guess many Iranians who know English language should educate other people around the globe on the Iranian people's stance towards the peace, security and well being of others.

The world should remember that Iranian people are among the most peace loving people of the world. We are not a warmongering nation, and indeed we want to co-exist with others on this planet.

We need to tell them! We have to spread the world that the hardliners in Tehran have no support among Iranians with a bit of logic.

Oh, by the way, I am fine! Nothing serious happened. I am okay... ;-)


Anonymous said...

Well, it sounds like all the people you talked to were anti-American. Guess it's to be expected from a number of people in Canada.
Oh Well.
Happy to hear you're alright.

Sahar said...

I actually was worried about you, I thought something should have had happened that you didn't write anything... I am happy taht you are fine.

By the way, if you are mad at those two, you should see some Iranians who live in Canada happily and support ahmadinejad (I think it is because they are antisemetic.)

Anyway, take care...

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Winston. Glad you're ok.

I know what you're talking about. I stumbled upon this site "" based in Los Angeles. It sounds like it's funded by the Islamic Republic to spread their propaganda. It seems like the Islamic Republic has it's agents in the US working around the clock to spread disinformation.

Check out that site. I hope I'm wrong about them. Let me know what you think. And please be careful and take care of yourself.

Check out and the interview with Kayhan in UK.

U.S. and European officials said they believe most Iranians are unaware of a proposal put forward by Britain, France and Germany that would provide Iran with economic and political benefits if it abandons weapons-related nuclear activities.

Well, yes indeed, the Iranians ARE NOT aware of the details of the "deal" put in front of the mollas by their eu-3 trading partners. And it is about time that changed. As Reza Pahlavi's latest communique on this issue demanded:

"We, the people of Iran demand that the Islamic Republic and the Euro-3, who have the support of the EU and the US disclose the details of the nuclear negotiations. Since our destiny depends on these negotiations, full disclosure of their details is our inalienable right."

Anonymous said...

For those who read Farsi:

Anonymous said...

"A Canadian based Pro-America Iranian neo-con, seeking a democratic regime change in Iran! I am also a supporter of the Global War on Terror and President Bush's policies."

i urge you to watch this video, with your own eyes

the ones that pushing for war with iran is america

iran, under the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear technology, has the right to enrich
uranium for energy purposes, which would be done under the watchful eye of the IAEA inspectors, therefore there is no way tha iran could build "the bomb".

Anonymous said...

here's the link, sorry about that

Anonymous said...