Sunday, February 5, 2006


Egyptian Sand Monkey provides us with the latest developments on the controversial cartoons.


آهو said...

Wow! like no real Holocaust has ever happened!
in jahade islami, yek nirooye mokhareb vahshtnake. man aslan nemifahmam ina chi migan? ina aslan chi mikhan?

Winston said...

ina mikhan ke donyaee ke baraye azad budanesh milionha nafar koshte shodan va sad ha roshanfekr jooneshuno dadan ro ba arzeshaye maskhare khodeshun avaz konan va hame ma ro be zoor befrestan be beheshti ke vojud nadareh.

Anonymous said...

These people are only driven by hate, revenge, and in that, they become their own worst enemy.

Rob said...

It's always interesting to consider what would happen if the West was as "evil" as many radicals claim. Maybe they don't understand if it wasn't for the good nature of the west every Muslim could indeed be dead in a matter of a couple years. I have no doubts that if the US and Europe asked Russia and China if they wanted to carve up the middle east they'd jump at the chance, then the worlds powers could quickly exterminate every last arab in short order with the millitary power they hold totally unleashed to do what ever it takes.

Just the hand full of US troops in Iraq could kill every Iraqi from a pure strength VS strength stand point, but the fact is, the US would never consider such an action, and less then 1% of the soldiers would even be willing to carry out genocide on helpless victims if ordered to, despite what middle easter propaganda may say about Americans.

By the same token I have no doubt that if radical muslims had the power they would have done waged genocide on the west with out hesitation or remorse.