Saturday, February 4, 2006

Congratulations! We're reported

I am still unsure if this is the best situation for the people of Iran, although I am pretty sure that the US government led sanctions against Iranian government may not harm the people living in Iran and I base my ideas on what I have heard and read so far on the matter.

I wonder what mullah Khomeini would have said if he was alive today!? Would he say, again, that America can not do any thing? What an idiot he was and what an idiot his successor is.

That is what I call the beginning of the end for an evil regime in Iran after 27 years.

Any ways, I just wanted to say congratulations to the mullahs on the occassion of being reported to the UN Security Council.


Bahman Kalbasi said...

Great to know that the corrupt monarchists once again show their love for the most fascist right wing administration in US in years. No one forgets how Shah helped republican right winger Ford over democrat Carter..

Winston said...

i don't know you mister but your records show you have a funded love with the mullahs' asses especially the reformer ones


Bahman Kalbasi said...

No my record ( shows, unlike the sold out and corrupt Bush loving monarchists, I staid in Iran and paid a high price, for what I believe in. Unlike those who simply want to trade a mullah dictator with a west loving spoiled kid like Reza Pahlavi, I believe in changing the content and proudly work for reform. So sorry being a reformist is source of pride for me and being as backwards as loving the corrupt arrogant Pahlavi is no different from being a HezBolaah militia who loves Khomeini.

Winston said...

i see so just because I like prince pahlavi is an evidence that I have been away from iran for 20+ yrs, huh? get a life dude, I just left iran and get your facts straightened out before opening your filthy mouth. you reformers are the source of misery for iran and your blind hatred for any one except your mullah khatami like people are the biggest obstacle for a democratic change in iran. so like I said keep your mouth shut if you have nothing to say. k? lol

Richards said...

aghaye kalbas forush (in esmie ke too bloga root gozashtan) khande dar zer zer mikoni shoma

programmer craig said...

Bahman Kalbasi,

"show their love for the most fascist right wing administration in US in years"

What an "Iranian" thing to say. The Bush administration has been the *only* administration in the US in "years" - six of them to be precise :D

The US has never had fascism, under any political party, but it's easy to use subjective phrases like "the most fascist" isn't it? We have a name for Americans who compare the US government to fascism. We call them "crazy" - what are people like you called in Iran? Besides "reformist" I mean?

Khashayar said...

craig, we call them idiots

Bahman Kalbasi said...

Well..first of all it is the joke of the year for Bush loving monarchists to call themselves "agnostic" I am sure they wouldn’t say that if they had the chance to meet their favorite President as he not only is a big time Mullah style Christian but he also believes that God told him to attack Iraq: ( Same goes for your hero "Shah" who believed "Abolfazl" rescued him from assassination and was such sexist that made the famous comment that “women are not even good for kitchen as the best chefs are men!”
As for fascism, lets just have you define it once. Numbers will help, Bush himself said 30,000 civilians were killed in Iraq so far, others talk about one hundred thousand, lets take the middle and say 65,000 died and there is no end in site. .I am sure that is very different from fascism!!!!! Go on and continue calling us “crazy” and continue being very proud of your support for him and Reza Pahlavi who is in love with him as well...after all he is the only chance that the spoiled corrupt kid has got to restore daddy’s power and take Iran from yet another dictatorship to a new one.,,,but I cant wait to see your faces as you are calling us “crazy” when a friend or heaven forbid family member of you is one of the next 65,000, this time Iranians, be honest I don’t want to see that day just so bunch a backward Iranian version of Republican Monarchists understand how idiotic and cheaply reactionary their ideas and view of Iran is.

Winston said...

Nonesense as always!

you have no idea what fascism means and then you compare a democratic elected president of a great country with fascists?

What degree do you have in politics? Who has brainwashed you? Cindy Sheehan?


Dude, you are throwing up all the liberal media trash!
I wonder if it is the effect of living in a socialist country like Canada?!

B said...


Of your claimed 65,000 dead in Iraq, how many were killed by suicide bombers and car bombs, etc., in short by the terrorists and insurgents, and how many by American soldiers?

Vashti said...

So, who are these reformers? They think Islam is compatible with democracy?

vashti said...

Definition of Fascism: Ownership of government by an individual, by a group or any controlling private power. This definition describes the oligarch mullahs to the tee.

Vashti said...

Mr. Kalbasi:

Your dogmatic tone in your posts is an anthetisis to democratic sensibilities and what you obviously only pay lip service to. Your views are just as extreme as the dicators you're against. You definitely are not an adequate representative of democratic spirit.