Saturday, February 11, 2006

What did they accomplish?

On the 27th anniversary of the islamic revolution, I have one question for those who support the regime or call themselves reformers and believe in the reforming of a fascist government!

What did your nasty revolution accomplish other than death, destruction, poverty, war and misery?

I had a similar post on this as well.


Anonymous said...

Winston: check out his guy's post (Reza Eshraghi) post on

He must be joking.

Winston said... is obviously the mouthpiece of the islamic regime in the US

Anonymous said...

Thank you Winston. But the Scary part is that they here right in the USA.

آهو said...

Winston Azizam, the achievements of the Islamic Revolution are as follows:
1- Numerous fundamental theorist groups!
2- A very weak economy
3- Sexual Slavery
4- More than a million dead people
5- More than 5 million Iranian refugees
6- A destructed land
7- Torture
8- ...and I could go on for ever

سيدعلی گدا said...

سلام وينستون جان

جمهوری کثيف مُلايان ۲۷ سال است که هر کاری که خواسته کرده ، کاره نکرده باقی نگذاشته

کشوری که خداوندگار آن يک ملا، فانون آن سنگسار و چشم در آوردن، رئيس جمهورش يک تروريست و ... چيزی بيش از اين انتظار نميرود

اين فايل صوتی را گوش کن که بيشتر با جمهوری کثيف ملايان آشنا بشی

Anonymous said...

The mullahs' Killing Field (the movie)

Anonymous said...

Winston: I think your should front page this:

The year of freedom
A letter from Iranian students to the freedom-loving people of the world

Winston said...

to ANONYMOUS from Phoenix, Arizona!

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