Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Battle Station

I am hearing from inside of Iran that the government's level of propaganda on the Iran-West confrontation over the nuclear issue has increased very much in the past few weeks and that the regime is trying to prepare the people psychologically for a possible military conflict with the west.

There are a few questions poping up in my mind:

1- Will the Mullahs initiate an attack to prolong the life of their miserable regime?

2- Is the Bush's pre-emptive war still an option when it comes to a country like Iran that has publicly announced the destruction of a US ally and threatened the interests of the US world wide?

3- Who is the obvious loser of a military conflict between the west and the Iranian regime?

4- Why is the regime trying to make its crisis look like a crisis between the US and Iran when this nuclear crisis is between the rest of the world and Iran?

I will try to find answers to these questions in my next posts!


Guelph First said...

The US will not attack Iran. Period.
Iran has very mountainous terrain, thus it is difficult and costly to conduct military operations there, The US military is stretched very thin right now, Iran has a strong well equipped military and it is really on the verge of social modernization. The Mullahs are holding less and less sway with the general population as the years go by and a consistent strong wind will collapse the rotting house of cards before long. Persistent covert action will be much more effective in Iran than any overt action.

Anonymous said...

Let the Americans and the Eyeranians go into war so in between the chinese gubble up the world like a piece of cake ... Don'tworry they have enough people to fill in the vacuum created by the nuclear hollcaust...

These devil chinese always win when these stupid cacasions begin to enjoy slitting each other throats in a vengeful orgy ...


Abol Danesh, The Emperor

sepehr said...

happy norouz.
i think goverments in iran have a lot of problem especialy about finational problem and they are trying change mind of people to war
finally they have to give up
but not now
they want to use this conditions as they can
after that they are going to give up

shobeir said...

Well I think ,nothing will happen cuz these mullahs now how to paint a frog and sell it as VolksWagon !
Also dont u have the problem, U beleive that U are always Right!
somehow u can't consume that Humans are not Machines to talk about them in general.
U say Mullahs & ... there may be ( may be ) some humans between them too.
Guess it's better not to talk about ppl generally

خشم خاموش said...

با درود نظر شما در مورد روسپیگری چیست ؟ آیا به آن به منزله یک معضل اجتماعی می نگرید یا یک شغل ؟
پاینده ایران

I.don't.Know.U said...

I'll be waiting for your answers. However, in response to your last question:
I don't think it is anything other than a crisis between the US and Iran. Iranians would have had reached an agreement with EU3 should US have accepted the compromise.

Winston said...


Dear friend, first thanks for visiting my humble weblog
secondly, I took your point and thanks for pointing at an important issue BUT unfortunately I am unable to put a humane face on the Mullahs because for the past 27 years they haven't acted humanely towards the Iranian people and I want them to be tried for their crimes against the people