Friday, March 31, 2006

Leftism Legacy

In the past few days, I have been going through many far leftist Iranian bloggers and I came to a simple conclusion that may apply to many Iranians who are involved in any type of political or social activities around the world and it is a family trend or legacy in their political beliefs.

I mean they believe in what their parents believed 20-30 years ago and these bloggers or activists represent what their family did.

And since Islamic revolution of 1979 is a major divider in Iran's politics then I have to refer to this element a bit more and use it as an important element to identify the groups I am talking about...

If their parents were against the Shah's regime and were part of the religious/communists movement, then these people (mostly at their 20s or early 30s now) are also against any thing that may be related to monarchy, USA or what they call "Imperialism".

If their parents were for the Shah and against the revolution and Khomeini, then one may see a pattern of being pro-America, pro-Shah or pro-capitalism and anti leftism.

It is indeed sad to see that majority of these activist do not believe in any type of independent thinking and reject any thing that is against their families' beliefs, be it right or left.

It is rare to find an idea or sort of belief that is formed independently and is not under influence of others' activities or opinions.

اگر خوب نگاه کنيم و ببينيم که ما کمونيست يا ضد امريکا يا ضد امپرياليسم هستيم يا حتي بر عکس طرفدار شاه يا امريکا يا کپيتاليزم هستيم ميبينيم که همه اينها به نوع نگرش خانوادگي ما به دولت انقلاب و مسائل جهاني بر ميگرده و اگه فلان بلاگر ضد امريکا هستش احتمال اينکه در يک خانواده ضد امريکايي بزرگ شده باشه بسيار بسيار زياده و همينطور بر عكس اين قضيه هم صادق هست و همه این رو میشه در این جمله خلاصه کرد که سیاست بازی ایرانی هم ارثی هست مثل سایر چیزهای ایرانی


يك مترجم said...

OK dude;
1. As a dumb person it is so strange to me that you read all those fake comments in your name but you write nothing as a reply. How patient you are!!
2. How do you know I’m a Moslem?
3. I told you why I hate President Bush. I wrote it so simple. I hate whoever supports WAR. Whether Bush or God!! Is it difficult to understand? I told you that PEOPLE should change regime nobody else. OK? I don’t like an iran like iraq. Did you read this one?
Isn’t it a crime?
4. Winston jaan; all of us are one nation with different ideas. I believe that you are somehow extremist an inflexible. I hate dogma weather religious or political. I don’t like to find enemy in cyberspace. I do read your weblog and make comments whenever I think I have something to say. I also want to add your link to my blog. Am I allowed?

يك مترجم said...

So azizam let me conclude that:
1. To you whoever is antiwar is an idiot like those in AP/Reuters; I don’t know if they are; you know better! But is that a real piece of news or not? Did it happen in Iraq? Isn’t it a kind of terrorism? If not for God’s sake what the hell the terrorism is? WAR ON TERRORISM means killing terrorists or ordinary people? Maybe the 3 -year old girl can be considered as a potential terrorist. It seems that I’m not supposed to believe anything, since in your book except what you believe in, all other things are wrong.
2. Whole world should love Bush.
3. Thanks I’ll study that guy’s articles.


Winston said...

dude, Bushis and Americans are not killing that 3 yr old kid

people like zarqawi, khamenei or saddam are/were busy killing people around the world in the name of Islam and the whole concept of WOT is based on fighting this shit belief of hate and terror and that is beyond many people's understanding.

Indeed spread of freedom in the mideast is just fine to combat the idealogy of hate and murder,

I m not saying every body should love or hate Bush but I am saying that if you open your eyes you will understand who is who in this world.

يك مترجم said...

OK. Refigh;
Che konam ke baa hamey-e inaa azat khosham miaad.
Thanks a million anyway!

Anonymous said...

You are very GOUZ

Louise said...

Hey Winston. I just discovered your blog. Good work. I'm glad there is another Canadian Muslim blogger fighting the good fight.

chester said...

Winston -
Children's political beliefs are very often a reflection of their parents' beliefs. Doesn't matter what country they live in.
So, it's not unusual for leftist parents to have leftist children and for conservative right-wing parents to have conservative children. (though with normal rebellion seen in young adults, it's more common for the conservative kids to drift to the left, than vice versa)

Rosemary said...

Dear Amir,
You claim to 'hate' 3x and 'not like' 2x. I do not know, but that just doesn't seem very peaceful to me...Are you alright? I hope so. It is okay to disagree without hating. It is also safer and healthier.

I do not hate, and I am very healthy! I am always filled with the Joy my Lord provides for me. Hopeful you may find some comfort in His words.