Monday, March 6, 2006

Canadian Health Care

That is a photo I took while on my way home from work this evening!
It is quite interesting to see what direction this country is taking due to 13 years of Liberal governance. I hope that the new Federal government does some thing about this broken country. However, remember that Liberals who are inflicting damages on this society were elected by the people of this society. I think Canadians like it this way, don't they?

The ad reads:
    The Mcguinty government is moving quickly to rearrange our public health care system. Services will be sold off, piece by piece, to the lowest bidder. The liberal plan sacrifices the patients to the bottom line, which ultimately means lower standards of care. Don't let it happen. Call your MPP.


    Anonymous said...

    what's wrong with our health care system? it's not perfect, but would you rather have a health care system like in the U.S. where only the rich or the people that can afford to purchase insurance for there family have health care?

    Sahar said...

    I am afraid that I agree with jacobin here Winston!

    chester said...

    jacobin & sahar -

    As an American, I'll disagree with you both.
    I would never trade our healthcare system for yours.

    Your idea that only the rich have insurance is ignorant.

    If we wanted to have the ridiculous tax rates you have in Canada, we too could wait for months for what the gov't deems is "not urgent surgery so if you want the gov't to cover it you'll have to wait."

    No thanks! I've spoken to too many people here who know someone who has died in Canada waiting for their medical treatment.

    Anonymous said...


    the only thing wrong with the canadian health care is that some not all, some special care needs have long waiting lists, where as in america the richest country on the planet 40 million out of 300 million cannot afford health care! what's wrong with that picture!

    chester said...

    jacobi - I'm not sure where you're getting your figures, but don't confuse people who Don't Want to pay for insurance, with people who truely can't afford it.
    Here, your employer offers insurance plans. You can opt out if you choose. Therefore, you get to take home more money in your paycheck. (It isn't mandatorily taken from your wages as taxes) Many people who are young do this. I did.

    I know people now who play the odds, and don't have insurance, and it's a preference, because they know if anything really bad happens to them, the state will end up having to cover their care. There are lots of these people in your 40 million figure. And yes, some of them have cars newer than mine and go on vacations.
    And don't be fooled......that 40 million figure includes millions of illegal aliens.

    So to sum up, the number of truly legitimately uninsured, is much lower than normally reported.