Sunday, March 5, 2006

What Solidarity?

Two impressive articles on why the world (left world) doesn't show solidarity with the Iranian democratic movement.

Iranian Solidarity (Workers take on the mullahs. Is the world listening?) by Ms. Roya Hakakian

Where are the Reds and Pinks of 'Stop the War on Iran' on the Crimes of the IR Regime? by Ms. Shirin Neshat
These are highly recommended articles and opinions!


Tasha said...

Along the lines of Ms Neshat's article : I'd like to ask Jimmy Carter how he could turn his back on the Shah because of human rights abuses, yet continue to support Cuba/Castro all these years including supporting their having a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council of all things.

How in the world does he rationalize that?

Anonymous said...

tasha: Carter did not turn his back on the Shah because of human rights abuses. See the blog below by Alan Peters. For many years involved in intelligence and security matters in Iran and had significant access inside Iran at high levels during the rule of the Shah, until early 1979.

Read his post on Carter's illegal demands on Shah

Tasha said...

anonymous -

Carter's public reason for turning his back on the Shah was human rights abuses. (read between the lines a little.)

Richards said...


You think oblivious stupid people like Alan Peters can understand what you are talkin about?

Oh My God, why did you create stupid people???!!!

Anonymous said...

Richard, the enlightned one:

Why don't you try to exercise your supreme intelligence and try to elaborate on your diatribe?

Paula said...

The old expression "the devil you know is better than the one you don't" comes to mind.

The Shah wasn't the greatest guy, but what came after him was worse.

chester said...

"but what came after him was worse."

That's an understatement!