Friday, March 31, 2006

Earthquake in Iran again

Sad news from Iran again and this time, it is another earthquake.

Pictures of the tragedy can be seen here through ISNA news agency: here and here !

However, the US gov't has just offered sympathy and humanitarian aid to the victims of the incident.


Arman said...

After reading a few posts on your propaganda blog, I have to confess that the good thing about right wing morons like you is that you are at least transparent about the boundaries of your dogma and stupidity. You simply state them. To be fair in any fight for democracy in Iran, you will be on the top of the list of those to fight with along with Mullas. Your sickening, distorted views of reality are grave danger to the world security. Of course you are not a security threat.. you are only a "Banana" or at best a little pig farting around whom no one pays attention to...I am talking about your boss " G.W. the moron".

Winston said...

Thanks for the laugh at this time of the night!

Rosemary said...

I'll be he also knows a lot about those pigs, too!

I am so sad about those earthquakes. This is the 3rd one in 3 years. Actually, there have been more than this, but some of them did no damage.

Is Iran always having earthquakes? Do you think maybe building codes would help to save lives? I sure hope so. Have a good day.

Brian Lemon said...

I got in a friendly debate with a cab driver a few months ago - he revealed that he's been in Canada 25 years from Iran and was educated as a teacher there.
He said that Katrina was Allah punishing America for their fight against Islam. I asked him why Allah would punish poor people instead of the President, and why was Allah punishing Pakistanis and Iraqis with earth quakes.
He said, you have a good point there.
I apologize for turning tragic events into sources of political comment. But I won't be accused of having false compassion.
And arman - why do you - like all the other pro-islamic idiots keep your contact info confidential. Are you afraid that you might be held to debate on your lunatic opinons?

Arman said...

Dear Brian,
What I said about the right is something I strongly believe in. How could I possibly be pro-Islamic/pro Mullas?Just think about it...Iranians are not either pro-Mulla or Monarchist...wake up my friend..There are sane people out there as well who believe in pure democracy without any contamination from any Monarch..Iranians decoupled from reality living in their cages in LA or Richmond Hill in north america must know their obsolete views of "the best kind of governance" will die with their generation...I find LA people as dangerous as Mullas..They make us laugh well pehaps I should give them at least this much credit.
You all need to upgrade your brain my friend.

Richards said...

Idiots like Arman think every body should believe in whatever BS they believe but that is their dream which will never come true!

Anonymous said...

Dear Richard,

I really enjoyed your content free comment (which is by the way a comon feature of the right dogma).

Keep up with the good job of fooling yourselve with the unhuman agenda of the right which emerged only out of the failiure of man on Earth.
How many people should be killed in order to satisfy the greed of your corporations? How many should die of your warmonger leaders? do you take the responsibility of what "GW the moron" does? do you understand what a responsible human being means?..The guy can barely hold a press conference without flaw and yet he claims he is "liberating people".

And then idiots like you back stupidity of a an army of stupids running the white house...
You need to upgrade your brain my friend... you need to upgrade it ...
I do have the necessary parts if you want..