Saturday, April 1, 2006

Things that make me sad

There are couple of things that make me really sad!

*The status of ordinary Iranian citizens in Iran under the rule of the Mullahs make me feel terrible and it is a tragedy to see how our glory was stolen by bunch of low life mullahs and their cronies through a nasty and destructive revolution.

**The images of September 11th terrorist attacks always bring tears to my eyes and tonight I heard some newly released emergency calls made by the victims of 9/11 which really made me sad.

***Another strange thing that makes me sad is to listen to David Gilmour's guitar.

((On a side note, David Gilmour has a Music Blog as well))

As you know his new album became available today and it is called On An Island which I just got today. ((Click on the link and you'll be able to watch a great clip of his new work))

As much as Roger Waters has bright ideas, Dave Gilmour has great hands to play guitar and this new album he has just released is not as great as I expected but it is like that David Gilmore finally has something meaningful to say at this age.

End of story!

چند تا چيزعجیب منو غمگين ميکنه؛
زندگي سخت و روزمره مردم ايران و گذشته پر فروغ ايران که در اثر انقلاب کاملا از بين رفته - ديدن صحنه هاي 11 سپتامبر که منو به شدت تحت تاثير قرار ميده و ديگري گوش دادن به گيتار ديويد گيلمور (گيتاريست پينک فلويد) که با اين البوم آخرش مثل اينه که آخر عمري يادش اومده چيزي رو که سال ها نگفته يا نميتونسته بازگويي کنه مي خواد برامون بگه


Rosemary said...

In the darkness (sadness) there never seems to be anything able to move one to joy, but the remembrance of the dawn just over the darkest of the night.

Persia shall shine again, in all her glory, when Ganji gets well enough, the USA gets the money to the right people, and the Ayatollah is overthrown by the children of the light. Yes. Persia shall shine! :)

تـــــرنـــٌــــم said...

اگـر بـخوام بـنویسـم چـه چـیزهـائی مـن رو غـمگین میـکـنه ایـن کامـنت خـیلی طـولانی میـشه :)ـ
امـآ اون آقا که ازش نـوشتم آدم خـنده داری هـم هـست ؛)ـ

سيدعلی گدا said...

درود وينستون جان

...چيزی که مرا از هر چيز دگری غمگين ميکنه ، اينترنت است
هر بار آمدم توی نت يا يک خبر بايستی بخوانم از بی شرافتی مُلاها و يا يک حادثه غير مترقبه
( زلزله )
اينبار هم لُرستان

تقديم به تمامی ميهن پرستان

نفرین نامه

نی لبک said...

وینستون عزیز
من اضلا تحمل شنیدن صدای قربانیان هیچ حادثه ای رو ندارم.یا مثلا دیدن ویدئوهای چنین حوادثی رو.
ببخش که من هنوز به سوال قبل از عیدت پاسخ نداده ام.برمی گردم