Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy New Year To Iranians

I've decided to retire from writing about politics and other related topics for a few days partly due to the problems I had with server and partly due to the Norooz preparations.

I was writing a piece on "Why I Support the Global War on Terrorism" when the server appeared to have severe problems and it caused huge reduction in number of my visitors from 2000+ to less than 200 yesterday and I decided not to waste and ruin my new year time fighting with my blog provider problems, it wasn't my fault any how... I just decided to spend my time with couple of friends. As you saw, I did go to a concert and it was fun.


I have never felt Spring season here in Canada. Unfortunately, Canada doesn't have 4 seasons as we knew back in Iran.

It has bitter Winter starting from late October and then this bitter cold season replaces itself with a hot, humid summer time which is harder to bear.

It is terribly hard to experience the Spring season where I am.

That is why I still miss Norooz time of Iran, because one could feel that the spring is in the air and the freshness of every thing would let you believe that it is new year and every thing is going to be new again.

I think it is hard to love Canadian climate though.

Any ways, let me say "Happy New Year to all of you", especially to my Iranian compatriots! May all your dreams come true in this coming year and may Iran become free and democratic in the year ahead.

سال نو همگی مبارک


نظز بازی said...

سلام دوست من...سال نوی شما نیز فرخنده باد///شاد زی

lida said...

یه چیزی بگم بخندی...دیشب مجری اخبار ازآقای رییس جمهور پرسید چی به مردم ایران عیدی میدین ؟ گفت:" خودمو.....!!!" خدااااااا
یه دنیا آرزوهای خوب برات دارم

تـــــرنـــٌــــم said...

ویـنسـتون گـرامـی
سـال نـو رو بـهـت شـادباش میـگم دوسـت گـرامـی و بـرات آرزوی مـوفـقیت دارم

راسـتی یه نگاهـی به لوگوی گوگل بـنـداز

خانم كوچولو said...

nice weblog. Saale No e shoma ham mobarak.

chester said...

Happy New Year!
Hope it's the year we see the end of this regime.

Anon said...

Nowrooz mobarak!

I know what the weather on the N.east coast is like, and I know that the winters last a long time and it seems there is very little Springtime. It's also kind of dark.

But Spring will arrive soon!

All the best in this New Year for you.

آهو said...

ممنون از لينك وينستون جان. چه قدر
خوبه كه ادم سر سال نويي خبرهاي مثبت هم بفهمه

Happy New year

arthemis said...

Happy Naw Ruz

خشم خاموش said...

وینستون عزیز سال نو رو بهت شادباش می گم و امادگی خود را برای همکاری اعلام می کنم.
پاینده ایران

الناز said...

دوست عزیز ممنون از نکته‌هایی که گوشزد کردی. باهات موافقم. اما موانع زیادی داریم...
سال نو مبارک

shlomo said...


Spring can be beautiful here in Canada (you are in Toronto, right?). Give it time.

Anyways, man, we were both at the Denmark demo so I chose to link to your blog. Consider returning the favour.

p.s. where were you before? did you come straight from Iran? if so, wow.

Farid Pouya said...

thx happy new year to u & good luck for persiancons blog

farid pouya

Amir said...

سال نو مبارک. سال خوبی رو برات آرزو میکنم.