Thursday, March 16, 2006

Iran Freedom Concert

I just couldn't ignore this great event, and then I decided to help spread the word about it.

I remember I wrote an e-mail to Roger Waters, couple of months ago, asking him if he could perform some thing on the Iranian students' movement struggle for freedom but he didn't write me back.

As you know Roger Waters has a song on Chinese student movement, which was crushed by the Chinese government back in 1989 at the infamous Tiananmen Square in Beijing city.
Although I believe if more people write to Roger Waters, he will have to reply. And my guess is that he may not be familiar with the situation in Iran though.
Any body knows how to get in touch with Roger Waters other than using e-mail?
He is well-liked and well known among Iranian youth and his works are admired among the Iranians. That is why I guess he can be a positive factor and moral booster for the crippled Iranian student movement.
I think this Iran Freedom Concert concept is a brilliant one, no matter who might be behind that.


تـــــرنـــٌــــم said...

عـجب بابا هـمه جـور دیـوونـه دیده بـودن الاّ دیـوونه ای کـه بـرای خـودش بـا اسـم مـستـعار کامـنت بـذاره :))ـ

chester said...

It's about time the Left got involved!
All the pro-Iranian freedom rallies in the past have been organized and attended predominantly by the Right.

The light finally went on for the Libs. Or maybe they've finally been embarrassed into doing something.
Notice how they have to bring up the nuclear issue in their opening line and make it sound as though they are the ones uncovering the plight of the Iranian people because it's been hidden by the nuke issue? Lol.

Well, we'll take any help we can get in this fight. The more people and publicity for the Iranian people and against the regime, the better. But watch out for the anti-Bush slogans to be thrown into this. Cuz we all know, "It's Bush's fault". lol.

رعنا said...

dorood doost aziz to iran jashne 4 shanbeh soori ba shokoohtar az har sal bood arazel obash eslami harife mardom nemishodan

روزبه said...

what happned to Neo-con Bush lover?!?!
It is very refreshing to see that you also admire the great Roger Waters.
BTW, did you know that he is a big time Bush-Basher? Did you know that he is a big-time Anti-War? Have you listened to his new single "To Kill a Child". You can listen to it here

Dude! Roger Waters is a big time leftist! I have no problem with that, I admire him! Not because of his political views. But because of his music.
I would love it if he write a song about Iran. But do you think he is your personal "motreb roo hozi"? so that you can go to him and request songs? does he have to explicitly mention the name of your country to make you happy? Can't you get the message he has from his numerous other songs?
BTW, listen to "Too Much Rope" from Amused to Death albume. You'll here a word in that song that make you happy!:)

If you ever decide to make fool of yourself again and send him a song request make sure to mention to him that you are campaigning for a war on Iran! Make sure to mention all the Bush-loving, Neo-con, blah-blah... so taht he knows who he is deraling with.
Good Like!:) and Happy New Year
PS. Watch his interview that was made before 2004 presidential election

Rosemary said...

Great post. I really do not care who gets involved when it comes to saving lives. It is sad to see that there is a divide even on this.

Yes, I am a conservative who happens to believe that it is my individual obligation to speak up for those who have no voice.

We spoke up during slavery, and we defeated it. We speak up for Darfur, and now they are talking about sending NATO in to make peace. Keep peace? You cannot keep what you do not have!

Now we are going to try to save the Iranian students and the freedom loving people of Iran. Frankly, I don't care if I have to combine with a communist (who I hate) if it will help the Iranian people.

May I suggest to some of your commenters, "Please, think about the Iranian people, and not you own biases and prejudices." God bless you.

روزبه said...

I take it that you were adressing my comment in part of yours.
Let me clear something here. I have no bias and prejudic. As I mentioned before, I would love it if Roger Waters (or any other atrist) care to write a song about my country. I just don't think it is appropriate to send such a request to him. He is not my personal entertainer!

On a differnt note (and the main reason that post that comment)
I have seen that the owner of this blog goes around and leave offensive comments for whoever that has a view that is juust a liiiittle different than his/hers.
It was rather surprising for me to see that he tries to ask Roger Waters (who is on the oppsite of political/social expectrume from him/her) to help him.
You don't go around and offend people that have awfull lot of similarities with you and at the same time stretch your hands to the other side of the spectrume to ask for help from a person, not only because you appreciate his views or you agree with him, but only because he is famous.
Again, I am leaving these comments neither as a criticism of the event that is announced nor as criticism of Winston. I am just leaving a feedback pointing at the inconsistency that I see in his/her behavior.

Winston said...

Roozbeh, I also forgot to add that I didn't ask him due to his fame.
I asked him because he is a so-called icon for freedom of mankind and he might be a uniter in this regard.

Anonymous said...

Winston, roozbah is a known agent of the regime in the US

check his profule

روزبه said...

See Rosemary (and other reader of this blog)!
I don't know where in my comments on this blog there is an indication of my political stance or my affiliation.
I just posted a critisim! I left feedback! Write or wrong they deserved to be either ignored or be addressed. Instead, The owner of the blog (as always) along with couple of his/her dear friends started to call names and labeling me! They don't even know me!!!
This is very alarming. You people claim that you are campaigning for democracy and freedom on Iran! You can not stand a minor critisim! Is this a practice of democracy? Where in my comments did I use offensive words to any of you! Unless you get offended if someone makes a case (again, valid or invalid) that what you said about something is wrong or inaccurate.
You want democracy? How about start "talking" to people, instead of labeling them!
You know, this reminds me of my conversations with super hardliners in Iran. They, too, do not stand a different point of view. Instead of answering to critisim they sart calling names and attach label.

Comrad Roozbeh:)
The Mullah lover and secret(apparently not!) agent of regime on earth

Richards said...

Rosemary, Roozbeh is a Mullah lover!

I would ignore him any how...

Winston said...

Roozbeh, I also forgot to add that I didn't ask him due to his fame.
I asked him because he is a so-called icon for freedom of mankind and he might be a uniter in this regard.

روزبه said...

Watch Roger Waters interview that I sent to you. You'll clearly see that this guy have different position than you (an even mine) on a variety of issues.
They point that puzzles me is that: How come you can tolerate Roger Waters (and not labeling him) and yet say whatever comes out of yor mouth to yor fellow countrymen for minor disagreements!?

Answer this question? Do you think that there is only one unique way to prosperity and freedom and democracy in Iran?

Do you think that "ALL" people who disagree with you are agents of some regime?

Bounding with Roger Waters is more that perfect? But what about bounding (or at least stop offending) you fellow countrymen who have points and experience different than you?

Let me guess your answer (and Richard and couple of anonymous people)

"You are a Mullau lover", "Forget you", "What are doing in US?" "who paid you to leave these comments on this blog?"
and so on...

Winston said...

it is not that we do not stand your crappy point of view but we do.

the matter is that you SOUND like one of the mullah sympathizers in Iran and that is what every one agrees with.

It is because your way of talking that makes us think you are one of THEM.

Winston said...

I do stand ARTISTS because I dont care about their political views.

Their songs can be interpreted in any way their fans wish.

روزبه said...

Winston (and dear readers)

Calling my point of view "crappy" doesn not make them invalid and wrong. A constructive and respectful discussion might do that. Or we all learn from it.

I leave it to the judment of the readers of the blog to say which part of my comments
"SOUND like one of the mullah sympathizers"

And another question: Is "SOUND like one of the mullah sympathizers" a rationale for discarding a point of view?
Let me put it this way. Suppose that I am a murderer, a cold blooded killer. WHAT IS WRONG WITH WHAT I WROTE? Can you pass that your judgemt (right or wrong about me) and read my comments? And answer them?

I think you just don't have an answer. Or do not know how to engane in a productive conversation.

Now go ahead and call my comments "crappy". Bravo Winston! Good job!
And goo dluck with the democracy thing.
Just remember in order to bring democracy and tolerance to the world you have to live it and practice it yourself. How can you bring to the world when you don't have it in you.

Winston said...

Practice what you preach dude!

In your first and second comments you used the same tactics on me now I am deploying your own tactics on YOU.

Way to go Mullahs!