Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Pictures from Iran

Today was Chahar Shanbe Soori for the Iranian people around the world.

It is the last Tuesday of the Persian solar year and people gather to celebrate the traditions of the Iranian society and for many years this great tradition has given people a chance to come out in force to the streets and show their anger and outrage towards the Islamic regime of Iran.

Tuesday night, as you see (For more photos click on the links at the bottom right side of the page), Tehran was on fire.

I hope these sort of celebrations that have become more of a political/social protests against the regime would have sent a strong message to the leadership of the country to rethink about their popularity and level of respect for their stupid laws among their own population.

Oh, by the way I almost forgot to mention the latest protest by the Tehran Sharif University students against the burial of bunch of so-called martyrs at their campus which became violent and you might be able to see the photos at ILNA web site

I was too busy today and I couldn't go to the event held by the Iranian community here but well, I really wanted to jump over the fire and say the old sayings :

"Give me your beautiful red color

And take back my sickly pallor! "


Amir said...

Do I know you from anywhere?

لیدا said...

jat kheili khali bood...

يك مترجم said...

Winston jaan;
I think the supreme leadership has received the message many years ago, and knows how much respect people pay them, but you know how sweet the Power is!
Just can you tell me why you said “… the burial of bunch of so-called martyrs”? I do disagree with such a ridiculous action but the words you used for those who were killed for their country are somehow… offensive.

تـــــرنـــٌــــم said...

چـهارشـنـبه سـوری خـوش گـذشـت ؟
شـما که مـثل مـا پـیرپاتال ها خـونـه نـشین نـبودید که ؟؟!!ـ

تـــــرنـــٌــــم said...

ye sar bezan be Nikahang bebin az kaamentam dar paasokhe "M" keyf mikoni yaa na ??

آهو said...

وينستون جان چه عكسهاي جالبي.
ممنون به خاطر لينك در مورد عبدلالكريم سروش. چه جراتي داره تو ايران اين حرفها رو ميزنه.

Dan said...

Looks like it was quite a night and pretty dangerous too!

For a comparison, look at Guy Fawke's Night in the UK where people get paranoid about sparklers.

Cheers for the ILNA & ISNA links by the way.