Monday, March 13, 2006

Must See Video On Iran by Ch 4

UK's Channel 4 News has reporters on the ground in Iran and not just they report, but they also blog.

Watch the report here

The video focuses on dissidents' status in Iran, freedom of press, public execution, suppression of minorities and much more...

It is a must see video!

Once again, it is great to see the European media talking about human rights violations in Iran and that is a good sign if you ask me.


آهو said...

وينستون جان اگر اين همه تشويق و پشتيباني تو نبود من ميخواستم چكار كنم؟؟!!
چهارشنبه سوري مبارك.

Anonymous said...

Very good video!

Amir said...

Jon raised a very good question about the correlation between the pressure exerted on the regime and the pressure exerted by the regime on the Iranians. I think it is true. Unlike Hadi Ghaemi, I think both types of pressures should be lifted.

I was also amazed by what Jon asked about the characteristics of human rights records in Saudi Arabia in comparison with Iran. Mr. Ghaemi says he does not want to rank countries. This is apparantly because the human right records are much worse in Saudi Arabia and he does not want to admit it. In fact, I have never seen BBC or CNN talking about human rights in Saudi Arabia. I am almost sure that it is because they are allies of the United States, and not because the human rights are measured relatively. (the charter of human rights covers Arabs as much as Persians)