Saturday, March 11, 2006

Rally in Toronto For Denmark 2

More pictures of the rally - part II

Winston stands for Freedom in Iran

Nav addressing the crowd and thanking every one for showing up

Egyptians for freedom of speech

Joe Katzman of Winds of Change is in distress mode with an upside down flag showing his support for freedom of speech

Cubans association of Canada Chief supports Denmark and Freedom of Speech

Ladies for Denmark

Even Commies joined in to show their support

More pictures can be found at Nav Purewal's blog


chester said...

Good job!
Thanks for the pictures and showing your support.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures and showing your support.

آهو said...

What a great move! Thanks for putting the picture.

The Arabian Knight said...

Good job!!! Well done Winston. I swear if I knew about this earlier, if would have to T.O just for the rally. I'm serious.

max said...

I do miss T.O. and of course, I had to support the Rally.

Update on Rally

Why we must Rally in Toronto adn Everywhere

Jim said...

I'm in one of the pictures on Nav's blog - right beside Peter Kent's nose.

Anonymous said...

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