Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Reza Pahlavi at National Press Club

Reza Pahlavi: Neither Military Action Nor Diplomacy Will Resolve Iran Crisis

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1- He rejects military strikes to halt the regime nuclear program

2- Reza Pahlavi also rejects diplomacy to stop the Iran nuke program as it prolongs the regime lifetime

3- He advocates unity between opposition groups in and out side of the country

4- And last but not the least, Prince Reza Pahlavi is for a peaceful regime change in order to prevent the tragedy from happening in Iran and the region

    "So, clearly the answer is democracy in Iran, which will be hindered bymilitary strikes or giving the regime more time through endless negotiations," said Reza Pahlavi.
                    I stand here before you, appealing on behalf of the many dissidents who simply ask for the support of the free world. And I hope that I am right to being optimistic that the free world is indeed committed to invest in democracy as the solution for Iran, rather than endless negotiations or military strikes.


                  Anonymous said...

                  Dear Winston:

                  You forgot to also mention that RP opposes sanctions too. Good job.

                  chester said...

                  Anonymous -
                  He does not oppose sanctions that would hurt the regime.
                  He opposes sanctions that would hurt the people and still leave the regime intact.

                  Winston - I am feeling good about Reza Pahlavi. I think he's really committed now to disposing of this regime.