Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Threat of Islamism

A group of Europe based writers and activists (including three Iranians) have written a warning statement to the public about the threat of Islamism in our age.

And this is necessary to mention that most of those who have signed this statement have experienced difficulties with Islamic militancy first-hand.

Parts of the letter say:

    "After having overcome fascism, Nazism, and Stalinism, the world now faces a new global threat: Islamism," the manifesto says.

    "We, writers, journalists, intellectuals, call for resistance to religious totalitarianism and for the promotion of freedom, equal opportunity and secular values for all."
It is great to hear this and I am pretty sure that the "Threat of Islamism" is not going to fade away if we cease to ignore it.

That is one of the reasons I totally support the war on terror. And let me be clear, the war on terror doesn't go forward militarily. It has many aspects and one of them is to fight terrorism militarily.

Indeed the main part of the global struggle against terrorism and radical Islamism is through spread of democracy, hope and freedom among those who are suffering under this very threat.

I know that most left wing thinkers do not get this idea due to their low level of IQ and the hatred they have always carried for the United States but who cares about them if they wish to remain dumb and suffer in the hands of the radical forces?

I don't.

And when it comes to taking the positions, they stand with Al-Qaeda, Mullahs and Saddamists.

The fight against terrorism and cult of terror (i.e Islamism) should be sustained as long as needed and until we defeat it, this big threat remains critical to our own survival.

This threat should also be defeated because, like I have always said, the democratic values we cherish and hold dear depend on this battle.

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