Sunday, April 30, 2006

Back from United 93 & I am ANGRY

Just got home from watching the United 93 movie tonight.

I am angry very much! I am angry at Islam, this culture of death that has no sense of decency at all, terrorists who massacred innocent people in Sept 11th, incompetent US officials in that very sad day and I am very ANGRY at almost every thing about 9/11.

I can't help it guys; United 93 made me deeply angry first, and then left me depressed and anxious. Sort of speechless, I could say! It did make me sick to my stomach.

Look, this movie is a good documentary about bunch of people who fought back to stay alive, it is also about the confusion created among officials on that day, and it also lets you know that Islamic terrorists do not value the culture of life and humanity doesn't matter to them!

Every shot is a Close-Up! No long shot in this movie. It makes you feel like one of the folks involved in the incident.

I was so angry during the epilogue of the movie as if I was aboard the plane myself.

When passengers attacked that freaking Muslim terrorist and were trying to strangle him, I couldn't control myself. It was like I am also trying to kill him, my jaws were clinching and my fists were in the air and when they failed, I sighed and I got so sad that the person next to me looked at me in shock and despair.

Ah, there was also a European passenger on that plane shown in the movie, who wanted to negotiate with the terrorists and submit to what they want. LOL!

I'll never forget 9/11 and to me, it's like a personal loss!

A very deep sorrow surrounds me every time I watch those scenes of giant planes ramming into those twin towers and it send chills down my spine.

I am absolutely angry tonight!!!!!

Let's roll and bomb the hell out of those freaking terrorists and their supporters wherever they are!


S S M said...

I didn't like it either, simply United 93 "sucks"

Winston said...

I didnt say I disliked it!

It just made me angry at Islamic terrorists who kill people indiscriminately! and I think it was a cool movie and I loved it!

By the way, you are in Iran, how could you possibly see that movie?
Isn't that because you are an anti-america element that denies any thing American?

What a pity!

Anonymous said...

What really disgusted me this week was the Muslims phoning into radio shows and bitching about how they feel about Islam being smeared by these men, and the big finish was their fear of Backlash .

Nice to see that even the those Moderate bastards can't find any compassion for the REAL victims that get slaughtered in the name of Islam.

BTW, saw A&E Flight 93 on TV last night and that mad me angry, not at Islam but the PC mind set to avoid the word Muslim or Islam .
The CBC would be proud of A&E for their censorship , next will be the Pearl Harbor attack with no reference to Japan and all extras will be white males and they'll speak english.
It's bad enough Theo Van Gogh was murdered in public for insulting islam, but now the media here must live in fear of these Peaceful faith whare you can't be murdered for saying it isn't peaceful.
Every Muslim terrorist and suicide bomber can't be linked to the Quran or Muhammed, that's a fact, this has nothing to do with other Muslims, Just the Quran and Muhammed....PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of people will wait for it to come out on DVD so they can watch it at home.
I'm sure my emotions would take over and I'd have to leave the theater.
I read one review already this morning, that complained about the director adding elements that no one could prove had actually happened. Lol. I'm sure the Liberals will find more to complain about.
Anything to keep people from seeing it.

I hope the film is re-released in Sept. to remind people before elections, what we're fighting for and against. Of course, that would drive the Left absolutely insane.

(to borrow another famous movie phrase)...
They can't handle the truth!

Anonymous said...

I watched the A&E version last night and didn't hear one definitive link to Muslims or Islam.
Also,this week on talk radio shows i heard muslims whine about how they fear backlash from the movie reminding people of 9/11 and how Muslims were blamed.
Nice to see those moderate Muslims in canada don't have one drop of compassion for the victims of Islamists, when you consider that recently CAIR-Canada was proven to have links to Hamas and funding terrorism from ex-member being indicted in the USA or deported, you'd think Muslims would stay quiet with that usual "Career-Victim" rant for more Government grants to spread Islam to us ignorant Islamophobes that just don't understand it's a religion of Peace.

Anonymous said...

oops, though my message got lost.

Candace said...

I saw it last night, too. I wasn't so much angry as very sad & depressed. They did a good job on the movie, I thought, although I'm not sure what you're referring to with respect to incompetence on the part of US officials. True, they couldn't seem to track down the President, but keep in mind this came out of the blue, literally. Even if there were reports or warnings, they were quite vague with respect to timing & methodology. From the time the first plane hit to the time United 93 hit the ground, only what, 90 minutes at most had elapsed?

Anonymous said...

Dear Winston:

I think his a new young agent/traitor in training. Next, they will be sponsoring his education in the best universities in the US and he will join "the keyboard terrorist like Sima et al to spread their propagnda and promote hatred and revenge.

Anonymous said...

i hate of islam .that makes people fool and bigoted.

Anonymous said...

How dared u gO withOut me????! khA'en!!!!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

The passengers on that plane figured out what to do in minutes, some people still haven't figured it out five years later and that's pathetic.

The savages who support terrorism against free peoples will end up with the biggest regrets, especially if free and democratic people are threatened with nuclear weapons - the free countries have better and more accurate weapons.

This means that even though an ancient culture has been hijacked by Islam - it may end up being wiped off the face of the earth, and the only remains of the Persian culture will be in Western books.

Anonymous said...

I saw U. 93 and my reaction was much the same as yours. Excellent movie.

S S M said...

I am in Iran NOW! And I am not an anti-america elemnet, I am an American and also an Iranian at the time, you are just being a hot spot instead of Americans!!!!

S S M said...

and don't forget in Iran everything is possible!!! I saw the movie!!

Anonymous said...

A more critical approach would definitely bring the conversation with ssm to a point. Emotions felt are of course important (I was in NY on 911), but cannot by themselves provide a reading of the movie. Anger is not bad, but not bad enough.

Highlander said...

Hi Winston , I have not seen the movie yet but I could probably get it on DVD tomorrow morning on the black market. Did it provide any food for thought apart from making you feel angry at Islam?
By the way thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind words, I never knew you read my posts :)

Unknown said...

Well your a man of prinsiple Wunston. Imagine those guys you saw in the movie run a oil rich country with nukes. And thats what you got with Iran today, now thats sad. Thats not just one dreadful day. Its 24/7 365days a year.