Friday, April 14, 2006

Canada on Iranian Nuclear Issue

Foreign Minister Peter MacKay meets with Secretary of State Rice in Washington D.C and they talked about variety of issues including Iranian nuclear crisis, Canada-US passport issues and Sudan's Darfur.

Read about it here: Canada backs sanctions on Iran

The new Canadian government has to do much more in order to get back on track of world affairs!

The previous Liberal gov't had damaged the international crediblity of this country and I am pretty sure that there are a lot to be done by the Conservative government in order to help Canada gain its real place in our world.


Richards said...

Canada is led by a good man, Stephen Harper

Leap Frog said...

I'm glad as well Winston.

azadeh said...

Stephan Harper is very intelligent and nobel person, not like liberal craps who suck the ass of any immigrants to vote for them against the collective benefit of this country