Friday, April 14, 2006

Here we go again

Okay, this "Iammadinjihad" (Ahmadi-nejad, president of Iran) is at it again!

Look: 'Rotten Israel will be annihilated' says Iran's president

Also look here: Iran president: "Zionist regime" a threat

Then the regime wants the world to believe their nuclear program is for peaceful purposes?

No Way!


bita said...

Dear Winston: Your link doesn't work. Thanks though for the news. The man is an idiot of an epic proportion...

bita said...

Dear Winston: I got the link to work. Sorry...

Winston said...

I thought so!

Both links work now!

Anonymous said...

Iran issues stark military warning to United States

Winston: Do you think Ahmaghinejad is a Chinese or Russian agent??? Who will benefit from destruction of Iran the most???

sepehr said...

deer body
i am 100%sure they are looking for nu weapon. they realy want to destroy world especially iran to come up imam zaman\they are cazy and i remind you 1933 hitler fundemation, we are in start to the end. i linked you

Anonymous said...

Hey Ahmadinejad, STFU you stupid idiot! (with poll)

Winston said...

Anon, that poll on 'Daily Kos' is as stupid as you may imagine!

I didn't vote

Anonymous said...

Dear Winston:

I always like to know what these liberal loones (sp?) are up to and how they process information. Sometimes it boggles the mind and other times it's just pure comical and entertaining...Happy Easter my friend.

Amir said...

I think there might be two ways of looking at what Ahmadinejad is doing.

First one is sort of like a plea to insanity like in the case of some criminals, whose lawyers argue them to be too insane to stand trial. So, he might be on a mission to appear as insane as possible, thinking that might be the only thing that would save him and his republic. This would paradoxically only be the case if in fact Ahmadinejad was smart.

But the truth maybe that he is really insane, and that would be the second option. He might be insane enough to be willing to absolutely destroy everything, and in that case all these insane things he keeps saying are like the dance of some primitive warrior with painted face and a bone through his nose, who tries to make himself look as weird and frightening as possible, dancing around and doing crazy things, all in order to frighten his adversaries into believing that he has some sort of super-insane and as such super-human and uncanny art of war.

In either case, he is the president of the Islamic Republic and has come to be the president of the Republic through channels which within the context of this Republic are the usual way, and as legitimate as it gets. And in that sense, he is a true representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran and all Iranians who who do not ACTIVELY - albeit without violence - oppose this Republic and everything lock stock and barrel, for which it stands.

Leap Frog said...

Hmm interesting thought.
Insane or truly conniving, either way a very dangerous man at this point. I was wondering about drug use with signs like projection of grandiose ideas of self, aggressive to excess and obvious paranoia.

Direct action needs to be taken, either as a forced takeover/dismantle of regime - or bomb sites and support facilities that make the nukes.
What other choice is there?
Let them nuke first?
Might just be me, but don't think that's a good idea at all.

Anonymous said...

Why do Iranians want to be represented by this guy?

Unless of course he represents what the average Iranian wants to say.

If that is the case, it is a shame Iranians cannot live among civilized nations and may end up being destroyed.

Hopefully the damage to Iran won't be too great. Persian culture before it surrendered to Islam looks interesting, maybe some of that can be preserved if it is not totally destroyed by the Islamics anyway.

Anonymous said...


Ahmadinejad's Demons

April 14, 2006
The New Republic
Matthias K√ľntzel

Narges said...

Hi. I too think this ahmadinejad and his basiji followers are dangerous and stupid.. If Dr. Moeen had become president I'd definitely be sure that numcear program of my country will be peacful but this ahmadinejad and his stupid beliefs in Imam Mahdi is really dangerous!

Though, Iran is still far away from building bomb, and I hope by the next election people will come to their senses and vote to some better candidate.

Iranian people are peaceful guys! Don't mistake basijis and mullahs for actual iranian representatives..