Friday, April 21, 2006

Chinese President Heckled

My heart goes to that poor woman who was yelling at the Chinese president Hu at the white house this morning. That made me very sad!

Watch the video here
    She says: President Bush, stop him from killing’... ‘Stop persecuting the Falun Gong,’ she yelled… She also shouted in Chinese, ‘President Hu, your days are numbered’... woman is taken away by uniformed secret service officers… right after Bush urged Hu to allow Chinese to ‘speak freely’...
I have been to China and I know how dark that country is. Although I was also from another oppressed country, I really didn't feel well about going to China. I felt I am going to a jail or some thing.

It is sad to see people suffering in Communist China (however that country is not a communist country economically) and yet no voice can be heard from the pathetic leftists about this.

I am sorry about the suffering of every single individual in this planet, be it Chinese or Iranian or people of Burma, Zimbabwe or Cuba.

It is just terrible!

Update1: The Chinese protester was charged with Harassing Foreign Official this morning.
I wonder if Human Rights activists who happen to be left leaning would rush to help her!

I doubt it!


آزاد شو said...

درود بر شما همراه عزيز

لوگو مربوطه را در ۲ وبلاگم نصب کردم

پاينده باد ايران

کـیانوش said...

chester said...

He deserves a lot more than heckling.