Saturday, April 22, 2006

There is no middle ground...

Let me make it clear for those who think there can be middle grounds between the civilized world and the Islamic Iranian regime (reformers or hardliners alike) and that is important to mention that reasoning with Mullahs is impossible as reasoning with other despots was not possible.

And no, there is no middle ground between us and them, and there shouldn't be one as there wasn't any between the democratic world and the Nazi Germany back in 1930s & 1940s.

You can't compromise with a bloodthirsty idealogy running Iran today...

It is again the policy of "Against us" or "With us"! You are either with the Mullahs (reformers or hardliners alike) or with those who wish to see a free and democratic Iran.

The only solution to our crisis with Iranian regime is to remove the government of the Islamic republic of Iran ASAP. Period!


Anonymous said...

Iranians should look towards Eastern Europe for inspiration - no more arbitrary detentions for saying the wrong things or not being a 'good communist'.

Oil is such a curse, the Iranian regime would collapse overnight without oil profits.

But just think of the possibilities for Iran if those profits were used to improve health, education, infrastructure, the environment etc. instead of making bombs and terror.

chester said...

"The only solution to our crisis with Iranian regime is to remove the government of the Islamic republic of Iran ASAP. Period!"



Leap Frog said...

I do agree Winston.

Not with these guys, they want all dead. Only what they can see in their tunnel vision is what will be allowed to live if they have their way.

Aghrab said...

The clock is ticking slowly and April the 28th is just at the corner. Now, watch how timidly Iranian Mullahs will look for an exit point from the confrontation. They have no real pride or decency what so ever.

Mullahs are doomed to fail either way stepping backwards or forwards now. We should say well done to the rest of the free world for being firm with the blood thirsty Mullahs. This is first time Mullahs have really felt the heat and they are in a "Checkmate" situation right now.

Their next step would be towards another "Voluntarily" stop on their enrichment activities as they have done it before. This will allow them to have a bit more time to tango with the West and still keep their chins up saying, yes we have done it now and so what? we know how to make a Nuke now!.

But, they have miscalculated it all very miserably. West is still standing strong by showing rational and patience. Yet Mullahs contradicted themselves by anger and promoting the violence.

To be honest, the West has got all the reason to crush the Mullahs right now, but still is trying to avoid any unnecessary military conflict.

However, this decency from the West will be misinterpreted by the Mullahs yet aging as the sign of being weak.

There is only one way to stop the Mullahs for good and that is a decisive/strong action against them right now. Sometimes being patient with the criminals only encourage them to be more aggressive rather than being calm.


Anonymous said...

I understand leaving oil for another ource of energy if Iran's president wants nuclear energy what type of infrastructure is he building in the cities so his people can benefit? I read he is buying missiles from Korea .