Saturday, April 22, 2006

Israeli President's Message To Iranians

President Katsav to Iranian people: Your Regime Hurts You

President Moshe Katsav has warned the people of Iran that their radical regime, with its insistent drive for a nuclear capability, poses a grave danger to global peace and security and is leading them toward the abyss.

In an interview with The Jerusalem Post ahead of Independence Day, the president sent a message to Iranians stressing that "Israel is not against the Iranian people," and that he himself had "great love for Persian culture, Persian history."

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I wonder if any one inside of Iran can hear about this! No Persian language media outlet has reported this yet!

I am providing a brief translation of this message for my Iranian readers:

رئيس جمهور ايراني الاصل اسراييل در مصاحبه اي به روزنامه جروسالم پست ميگويد که حکومت ايران مردم خود را ازار ميدهد
اوهمچنین اضافه کرد که دولت اسراييل به هيچ عنوان ضد مردم ايران نيست و تنها نگران فعاليت هاي کنوني حکومت ايران است
موشه کاتساو میگوید که براي فرهنگ و تاريخ ايران احترام خاصي نیز قائل است


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