Thursday, April 27, 2006

How Do Media Work In The US?

The answer is very simple and it is: The mainstream media in the US (say North America) work Hypocritically.

They say some thing while they act different than what they say.

Couple of years ago, they wanted to strangle President Bush for what they called election fraud but what I saw as the inability of the left wingers to see a strong right wing POTUS at the white house, however they couldn't do any thing.

A few months ago, the US led war in Iraq was just another quagmire or Vietnam as they called it, but now it is not the case any more. It is all about pulling the troops out of Iraq.

A few weeks ago, MSM picked on Secretary Rumsfeld to step down and yet again it didn't work.

Now today I heard on Communist News Network (AKA CNN), the pressure is mounting and voices are raised against Mr. Cheney to step down. It will go away too but I can't help laughing at these pathetic media outlets (especially the left wing ones).

... Media in the US (north America) is freaking hypocritical and I hate them for changing the stories, spinning the news and all the lies they say on a daily basis! It is disgusting!

And ordinary people believe whatever these idiots in the MSM say about the world!

Oh my gosh, I will go crazy if I keep thinking about them! The media are insane!


Aryamehr said...

Let us not forget the BBC (Biased Broadcasting Corporation) here in Europe!

I share your feelings on this issue.

Chester said...

The MSM has an agenda : Make Pres. Bush and his White House look bad.
Every day the dems hold a meeting to decide what the attack will be that day. This gets passed along to their friends at the liberal networks and newpapers.
You may think this is a joke, but listen to the liberals on tv and radio. They get the memo on what to say and then they ALL repeat the same lines with each new attack, EVERY DAY. Word for Word.
Check it out. All day long on tv you will different liberals repeat the same line.

It's gotten to the point where it's funny.

Joseph Salomonsen said...
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Paula said...

The Bush bashing agenda isn't the only problem with the media in America. They have the "if it bleeds, it leads" mentality. Consequently, bad news is most often presented.

This negative focus combined with the anti-Bush agenda creates the perception that everything is worse than it really is. From the war in Iraq, to the economy, to crime rates.

Louise said...

That's okay. They are losing their audience to the web anyway.

I have a TV sitting in my basement rec room and I don't even have it plugged in, let alone a subscription to some cable service.