Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Iranian Stores in Toronto

The Iranian plaza in north of the city of Toronto has its own "funny but true stories".

It is a place where I often go shopping whenever I miss the taste of homemade food, there are also two major grocery stores in which you can find Iranian food which is not bad. But there are also stories you may want to hear like the one I experienced last night.

A friend of mine asked me where I buy my stuff from, my answer was "Super Arzon" and my friend said why not Super Khorak which is just a few yards away and I said because they seem to be supporting MEK and I simply don't spend my money at a store where they sell their papers and propaganda stuff.

Any how, I also learned that my favorite store is no longer delivering Shahrvand weekly, simply because they have put lots of BS in their paper recently and they always sound pro-Mullah.

True or not, I don't know but that is how business is being run in Toronto among Iranians.

Politics play a major role in Iranians' every day lives.


Anonymous said...

What a oxymoron, your fav. book is Orwells 1984 and you are Neo Con? Dude, have you evem read it? And if you have, did really think you got it?

On the side note: "Khalajeg harche lajegh"... its b/c of the same radical political reason that got us the mullahs in 1979, now you want to do it again... havnt you learned your lesson, the solution is not revolution, its called EVOLUTION.

Richards said...

@Anonymous poster above

How dare you compare the Shah's regime with the Khomeini's?