Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Iranian regime will blackmail us

Having read the latest story on Yahoo!News about the uranium enrichment done by Iran for the first time and what Mark Steyn had said and I mentioned in my previous post.
I just put this in a short paragraph:

If Iranian regime acquires the nuclear weapon, they will blackmail the whole world. We'll have to live under their backward caliphate or we've to get rid of them before it is too late.

This is serious folks, dead serious!


hunter said...

I agree that this is a serious issue, we can not wimp out on this one.

hancor said...

Get out your 10 million SPF skin lotion.

bita said...

No one wants to see Iran get a bomb, but it does matter who is in power. We don't worry that France or Great Britain has nuclear weapons. We tolerate India's and Israel's arsenals largely because we have some faith that their democratic governments will not use them. Were Iran ruled by even an imperfect democratic government, we would be much less concerned about its weaponry. It might dismantle its program voluntarily, as did Ukraine and South Africa. But even if it didn't, a liberal and democratic Iran would be less paranoid about its security and therefore less reliant on nuclear weapons to defend itself. Ahmadinejad is preparing the way for the Apocalypse and he thinks war and chaos is needed to expedite the coming of Mahdi.

He seeks martyrdome for himself and for the nation. He has a hot line set up where True Belivers dial messiah: . The world can't afford to be playing poker with Armageddon.

Leap Frog said...

Well said bita, this is more than alarming.

So I gather the UN is writing them another letter then?
tik-tock ... tik-tock ... tik-tock ...