Monday, April 17, 2006

Look! Yellow Cake For People

Iranian regime has made a stupid breakthrough in the field of nuclear programs by the help of North Koreans and Paki scientists, and they have falsely made all the west believe that this is a national pride for the Iranian people.

It is certainly not a thing I take pride in as an Iranian national. Any way, the regime has fooled us all again.

One of the by-products of the nuke process is "Yellow Cake" which was distributed among the people in Iran yesterday.

I am serious!

Look for yourself at the "Pictures of the Yellow Cake for people" as shown by the state-run Fars News Agency, if you don't believe me!


توزيع 114 كيلوگرم كيك زرد خوردني


Noxod said...

Iranian people believe whole world want to kill them, because it's a fact !

We know whole world hate us... but we love all of them !

سینا مالکی said...

dear winston!
it wa just a dummy work. every one can do what west did 60 years ago and it is not a honor for people anymore to work on nuclear weapons

chester said...

I will speak for Americans and say, most do Not hate Persians.
We hate Khomeini and Iranian gov't.

I think I understand what Behdad Torkashvand is trying to do and say by his articles, but if he (and you) wants to try to build more affection for Persians among Americans, he's going about it in the wrong way.

Anonymous said...

Ganji Is Summoned Back to Iranian Prison But He Is Refusing To Obey the Request

read Eli Lake's articel:

as far as I know,no Iranian newspaper has reported this news yet!

Anonymous said...

What they have accomplished in laboratory conditions something that will take years to perfect as useful fuel in a nuclear reactor. The day the Bushehr power station begins operating with Iranian enriched uranium and does not sputter will be the day for celebration. The present bravado is misplaced and certainly premature. The achievement is no greater than making an alkaline battery.

noxod: You poor lemming. You're nothing but a pawn to be slaughtered by power hungry and hate-driven mad men at the helm of your government.

Arman said...

I read your masterpiece..

I have a general comment: People of your type propagate unimportant "facts and news" inside Iran backed by a "small group of extremists", mostly without much power in the gov, to the people in the outside world. At the end, you harm Iran...

Rosemary said...

Dear Winston,

OMG! (lol) I wasn't fooled. I'm only surprised it took this long...

Sirous N said...

Excellent post ,
Sina and Anonymous ,excellent comments.