Monday, April 17, 2006

Islam, A False Religion

Iranian author Amil Imani has posted an excellent piece on the nature of "Islam aka the religion of peace" on Persian Journal web site.

The article written by 'Amil' is worth of reading and then spreading!

Read it for yourself


PGP said...

Thanks, Imani has articulated my own views with an insiders clarity and certitude.
On parallel topics.... go see Arabian Dissent on the BS of "Islamophobia"...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the article. It is the time we stop justing pointing fingers at terrorists for terrorism but look at the real source, which is I$lam. In it's I$lam has done so much damage to the humanity that it is really sad.

Anonymous said...

Every Muslim terrorist and suicide bomber has a direct link to either the Quran or muhammed, yes there are peaceful Muslims like all other faiths, but the killings are by Muslims citing the Quran and Muhammed.
I don't know enough about Islam to make a judgement call on who is a True Muslim, and the 400,000 in Canada are only 0.0003% of the Worlds total for Muslim.
So it's unfair to judge and entire group of people for the action of a minority in Canada.

Rosemary said...

I read that piece. It was lengthy, but it was good. I had my run in with a man who was Islamic way back in the 70's. Yeah, I'm that old. lol.

That was all the proof I needed to make me aware. I did not ascribe him to every Islam, but I was run-away Christian at the time. I think I should leave it at that in this forum.

I hope you are doing well. That guy keeps coming back. You really got his goat. He is trying to prove that you are not right by acting not right! Oh my. What have I done? lol.