Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Where is my money?

Again, the Iranian regime spends the people's money on terrorism and seems to be proud of this stupid act.

Iranian regime offers Palestinians cash

While millions of Iranians live in difficult conditions and face daily problems making the ends meet, Mullahs of Iran offer 50 million dollars to the HAMAS led government of Palestine.

Not in my name, Mullahs!

I don't want to have any thing with your terror business, and I do not want to be subject to random searches in world airports and ports simply because I am an Iranian and you are supporting terrorism world wide in my name!

You gave away our oil money to the terrorist HAMAS, then they blew up people in Tel Aviv today.

So some body tells me "Where Is My Money"?

Update1: Rosemary and Chester (two of my blog readers) asked me a question through the comment section of this post, on whether the people in Iran are aware that their money is going to Palestinian terrorists and if they get angry at this.

My Answer to them was: Of course the Iranians know this and all of us are unhappy with what Mullahs do for palestinian terrorists and we are mad at them for not taking care of the poor in Iran, and it reminded me of a slogan being used in anti-regime protests:

Mullahs, Leave Palestine - Take care of Iran!


chester said...

I wonder how many Iranians know about this $50million 'donation'?
I can't imagine it would go over very big with the poor and unemployed in Iran.
I hope they've heard about it. This, on top of all the $$$ being spent on nuclear power and other extravagances that aren't helping the Iranians immediate problems, should get people really pissed off.
And that would be a good thing.

Rosemary said...

There are people who have not been paid by the mullahs for over 10 months or more now, and they have $50M laying around? These people, if they find out about this, may be very angry. I wonder if this is enough for them to demand their freedom...?

Winston said...

Iranians have a slogan against the regime and use it in their demonstrations:

Mullahs, Leave Palestine - Take care of Iran!

Anonymous said...

check this uto . I fund it yesterday.


Rosemary said...

I like that answer! Especially the slogan. I do not like the fact of what they do.

They have not paid the drivers for more than 10 months. It is almost a year now. How are they supposed to eat? How do they clothe their children? This is so cruel.

They really do not care about the people. They should be very careful. There are 70 million Iranians living there. If one day everyone got together to march on the steps of their 'parliament' they would be over!

Oh how I pray...