Friday, April 28, 2006

Me Talking To Mahbanou

Mahbanou, an old friend of mine from Tehran, is a strong pro-Bush/America Iranian physician who also helps me get some indepth updates about the internal affairs of the mainstream Iranian society!

Yesterday, I happened to talk to her over the Yahoo! I asked her about the general sentiments of the people with regard to Pres. Bush's policies against the Iranian regime and how does she think of President Bush after these long 2 years after re-election in 2004.

She said:
    Most people still think President Bush has to give us a hand to change the mullahcratic regime and that if Democrats raise to power in 2008, the chances of regime change in Iran will fade away for many many years again.
I share my own fear over the possible raise of democrats to power in the next presidential elections as well!

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Ingrid said...

Hi, I found your site via Globalvoices online. It is interesting to think that some Iranians would not feel that a democratic administration would help them achieve freedom from the , as you call it, mullahcratie (whaa..spelling error, sorry) ..anyhow, I am for your quick reference a dutch born Canadian (became Canadian when I was 30sh) now living in Texas. I am not exactly pro-bush for many different reasons but I am not exactly a democrat either (in holland, there are more political designation than just two). It does concern me that war would be considered towards Iran because I fear that there is no such beast as precision bombing, and that variables unforeseen can escalate something beyond to what anyone would want. I do wish a regime change for Iran and one that will always keep the extremists at bay, but war is not something that I would want to put my support behind.