Friday, April 28, 2006

US State Dept & Business With Iran

A few days ago, I mentioned Kenneth timmerman's piece on the State Dept stupidity to deal with the Iranian Mullahcracy reformers.

Read it here

Now, I m reading in Persian blogs that Liz Cheney has handpicked a group of Reformist - اسهال طلب - journalists from former president's party (MOSHAREKAT) and they are getting training on Orange Revolution tactics in Ukraine right now.

The group seems to be led by Jila Bani Yaghoub a reformist journalist belonging to Rafsanjani's daughter camp.
The problem with the moderates inside the clerical regime is that they don't care about freedom, democracy or any thing else! All they care is to save the miserable and ending life of their beloved regime.

I've already sent an email to Kenneth Timmerman to see if he can alarm those idiot people in the State Dept, Senate or any where else to stop The US State Dept from doing business with the Mullahs, and I have to repeat:

Don't do business with state-reformers in Iran whose main goal is to save the mullahcratic regime from destruction!
Update1: I am working on this with different people and I got a message from Mr. Timmerman with regard to this issue. I'll keep you all posted!


Aryamehr said...

Stop them! The Islamic Republic's Actors #2 a.k.a the "reformists" are there to fool the Iranian people into believing there is some sort of democratic force within this regime by their superfical "reforms" such as allowing a few strands of hair to show for women! This has given them time to prolong the life of their terrorist regime! Iranians have learned from their mistake in 1997 when they supported Mullah Khatami, a so-called "reformist" of the Islamic Republic! On numerous occasions the "reformist" actors of the Islamic Repupblic have stressed and made it clear that their allegiance is to the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khameini - what is it that is not clear for people in the U.S. State Department!?

U.S. wake up! unless you have chosen to side with Iran's oppressors instead of its people!

Anonymous said...

Keneth you tried hard to save Ghaddaffi from that horreble Panam 93 but you coud not now push for Iran again by lie !? go get life

Join me in Hope said...

Dear Winston:

This makes me furious.Grrrrrrr.
Keep on sending your emails to Timmerman or Liz Cheney for that matter. This needs to be stopped.

Joseph Salomonsen said...
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