Sunday, April 2, 2006

Pathetic Air America Host

I was watching CNN's Larry King in which he had a pair of Conservative radio hosts (Hugh Hewitt included) and a pair of Liberal/Leftist radio hosts.

One of the guests on Larry's show was the leftist radio host Randi Rhodes of Air America who sounded very pathetic to me. ((Actually She ain't a Lib... She is a Commie! LMAO!!!))

Her stance on illegal aliens, terrorism, nuclear weapons and stuff like that was just unbelievable.

I just thought these pathetic radio hosts who are mostly leftists should be sent to Iran or North korea to understand the truth out there and learn how the world works.

I think it is the best practical solution to the problems of these people and will help them open their eyes to the issues.

Ship them to Iran for a year and let them find out for themselves how the real life is for an average Iranian citizen.

Send these demoNrats to oppressive countries and problem is solved.


Anonymous said...

She isn't just a commie. She's is stupid, and rude and lewd, and a liar.

Anonymous said...

YES. Ship them off to Iran and N.Korea. The Sooner the Better!

تـــــرنـــٌــــم said...

آره بابا بی خـیال ازدواج شـو... آخـر و عـاقـبت نـداره :))ـ

Sibilios said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!

رعنا said...

hi aziz
be ghole in shere :har kasi az zanne khod shod yare man.

Arman said...

Dear Winston,

I watched the same show and I have to say her stance on various global issues were just brilliant.
I don't know what kind of "green stuff" you guys in the extreme right are on which gives you the dellusion of superiority of the US in our world today where a "new order" is replacing the old one. Rise of china and India in the far east, Iran in the middle east (in less than 10 years, it will become an important regional power both militarily and scientifically) and of course the EU will change everything. The life style of American's is not sustainable in any sense. There is an end to the madness of consumption of unrenewable resources on our planet. To sustain the same "quality of life" the right needs to kill more people and occupy more countries with resources..which would not be acceptable in a more civilized world ran by humans and not the right winger evils.
You know what? Stupidity is an incurable illness and many people die of it or is the cause of others death..Wake up my little stupid...come out of your cage and see the world like a responsible human..

Winston said...

Again, thanks for the laugh!

Arman said...

Dear Winston,

Let me tell you a story. I knew a person for sometime. He had a bad habit... A Really bad one...whenever he had no comment to contribute to a discussion (because of his ignorance or not having anything convincing or relevant to say), he would FART...Your comments are very much like his fart-comments: irrelevent... pretty much like a fart...

Although in the long run farting helps your keep ..


Anonymous said...

Arman: You suffer from a delusional dreams of grandeur if you think Iran is going to be a major power anytime soon or ever. You're NOT what you think you are. You are "what you think". Your ignorance know no boundsl.

Anonymous said...



Leap Frog said...

Who is this arman? The Iranian regime's mouth piece? What you don't want woman to have equal rights Arman? Would that conflict with the plan of mulitple wives you might have?

I watched (ok forced myself) the two hour documentary about air america... this woman is not brilliant and anyone who thinks so needs to stand in front of the mirror and say "i can do this, i'm good enough, i great!"... as I witnessed this ditzy dumb broad do in this documentary. I couldn't believe it... just like a Saturday Night Live skit!

(I knew that mr. rogers would be the ruin of our society)