Monday, April 3, 2006

Iran Makes 'al Qaeda Look Like Kindergarten'

Richard Clarke says: Iranian regime Makes 'al Qaeda Look Like Kindergarten'

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He was on ABC talking about the Iranian threat of terrorism and the possible use of terror against the US by the Mullahs in case of a military conflict over the nuclear issues.

Yes, you are correct Mr. Clarke about the terrorist nature of the Iranian regime but I hope you won't regret today when you had a chance to help us, Iranian people, overthrow the Mullahs regime ourselves and I bet you will regret this very day when you and your government could give us a hand in taking care of our own problems.

It isn't still late, sir and you can still help us solve this problem our way.

The answer to the nuclear issue of the Iranian regime, worldwide terrorism and unrest in Iraq is to change the unpopular and totalitarian regime of Tehran by empowering the Iranian people through any reasonable way.

link to original ABC news article


Arman said...

Oh man..
You 've got to be kidding...I started having more and more fun with your posts... I wonder what type of brain wiring could possibly reproduce your "logic".

What made you think neo-cons would help Iranians to build a democracy?...What do you mean by America's help for Iran to become democratic? Do mean a "liberation type operation" killing your sisters and brothers?

What about this. What's wrong with keeping a threatening regime (Mullas) in the region to justfy their (the US) presence in the Persian Gulf and to heat up the arm race between the Arabs and Israel?...These people in the white House are Iranian people's enemy...where do you live? on Mars?


Winston said...

Mr. Arman e Olagh

Pls be advised that I will make sure this is your last non-productive comment here!

From now on, your useless comments will be removed!

Thanks for the laugh!

Arman said...
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Arman said...

That was really fast...less than 5 minutes. I am impressed. You are not all evil and retarded can respond quickly.

You never ever call me "Hezbullahi" again because your big mouth will get full of shit next time I see you aldang..

Keep on erasing...keep on deleting olaagh ...

Winston said...

You Hezbollahi apologist should stop visiting here if it is annoying for you to see others having anti-Mullahs ideas!

Anonymous said...

Sirous Said
hey Winston one of practical ways is to destroy the mullah’s IRIB(e.g electromagnetic bomb or other means)while in the meantime there should be bunch of Iranian channels to be substituted by people. This is the best way to prevent them to mind wash the people and doing their propaganda. now if you look around Iran ,there are many sites that can be used as microwave relay, repeater system. think about that and let me know what do you think. do you think it would work? the idea is to keep mullah’s away from showing their program and showing their news and instead using bunch of other Iranian channels. For news I candidate bbc and radio farda and VOA and I think by funding the first two channels properly they may meet the standard of a TV channel. the bad thing here is that those so called LA channels would not attract majority of Iranian, so some new channels using Iranian exile who recently escaped from Iran would make this case and their programs perfect.

Winston said...

Sirous jan

I agree with you 100%.

I wish the money from the US goes to right people and media who can fight the distorted view of the world Mullahs feed the Iranian people with.

Send me an email with your proposal in it and I'd love to have it forwarded to people who know more than I do!

Anonymous said...

Sirous said
ok,let me to finsih the exams ,i will send you the proposal.