Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Interview with Tull's Ian Anderson

Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson had an interview with BBC Radio which is very interesting.

Listen to Ian Anderson interview - It is a 30 minute piece.

((Notice: This guy is anti-Bush, he is some sort of environmentalist but I still like him and his work and I do admire him a lot --- Been to his concerts twice so far and has his autographs))

In this interview, he takes on Terrorism, Environmental issues, Religion, Bono's Africa campaign, iPods & download sales, his daughter's wedding and his favourite football team.

LoL... Good thing he says it is more of climate change not global warming. LoL...

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سینا مالکی said...

Dear Winston!
Many thanks for the good link you posted.
I always admire you for your respect to your opposite ideas

Leap Frog said...

Hey Winston, great interview thanks for linking it.

I'm at a point where I'm absolutely fed up with 'entertainment' people spouting off about politics. I want 'the glitter people' to entertain me not lecture me about politics. They are suppose to be a nice distraction from the reality of life not stand on a soapbox spouting their so called 'enlightened' political views.

Just can't stand the stupidity from the likes of bono, pamala 'plastic bubbles' anderson or sir paul and his strange thinking wife! Seriously, she says she can't sleep at night because of all the 'poor animals crying out in pain' keeps her awake nights. Maybe paul needs to get her on some of that wacky weed he likes to smoke...

Cripes wonder if they'd ever have the balls or brains to take on real issues like FGM (http://killingzone.blogspot.com/), but won't hold my breath or snap my fingers....

Ah well must be getting cranky in my old age.

PGP said...

Thanks for that link!

Don't bother comparing Anderson to any pop celebrity. He is not of that ILK!

Ian Anderson is and allways was grounded and down to earth ...a long way from the musical celebrity. Although he deserves much more credit for his artistic endeavours than most, he has taken the high road and left the celebrity circus behind.

The reason he has done this is because he always was intellectually head and shoulders above the crowd... he had his fun grew up and went on to other things. Allways a gentleman and allways thoughtfull I enjoy hearing him speak on any subject.

Winston said...

Agreed 100% with both of you Lep Frog & pgp!