Sunday, April 23, 2006

Peace keeping missions killed our soldiers

"When many nations build fortifications, Canada builds bridges," former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres said about Canada some time ago. Canada's military has never fought a modern war at home or on its own, joining only with the Western allies and then NATO in various conflicts of the 20th century around the globe.

Yep! I believe Peace Keeping missions Canada is famous for, are responsible for the loss of our brave soldiers in Afghanistan yesterday. Lack of real experience, I argue, is mainly to blame for the tragic loss of four brave Canadian troops in Kandahar region in Afghanistan.

While the recent loss is very sad, it is also a reality we should admit to. Although Canadian military is among the best in the world, but the very long reign of liberal mindset in managing the armed forces has hurt Canada's ability to be better in the real combat zone.

As we know, Canada is famous for being a peace keeper nation and our armed forces have been participating in UN backed peace missions all over the globe, from Haiti to Cyprus, Lebanon and even parts of Africa and almost all of these UN sponsored peace keeping missions happened under the watch Liberal governments of Pierre Trudeau, Jean Chretien and Paul Martin.

Canada isn't in Afghanistan to keep the peace any more. Canadian Forces are there to combat terrorism and neutralize the threat of radical islamism on spot before it goes beyond the borders of Afghanistan and hunts us here at home.

More than 4,000 Canadian soldiers and military observers are overseas today under the blue banner of the United Nations. Why should we serve a corrupt international institution and weaken our armed forces?

My point is that yesterday four of our soldiers died at the expense of former liberal governments who kept sending our troops to some useless peace keeping missions around the world and those missions just sucked the Canadian tax payers' money and also left our soldiers with less combat experience compared to those of British or Americans'.

Several consecutive deficit-cutting budgets reduced defense spending by 23% in the 90s, leaving the Canadian military a shadow of its former self. And the liberals' incompetence to properly maintain the Canadian military is showing its affects now in Afghanistan.

Constant military budget cuts in previous governments run by the Liberals is now showing its impact and taking its toll particularly on our military. Yet their anti-military ads during the last election campaign makes me believe that they were anti-military in heart.

It is sad to see how the Liberals have inflicted an awful lot of damage on this great country in every field and they should be held responsible for their deeds.

Watch for more sad/bad news as the effect of long reign of Liberal governments is showing up gradually!

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chester said...

I understand about the liberal gov't and all, but I disagree that these soldiers were killed because of inexperience. They were killed by IED. Lots of experienced U.S. soldiers have been killed that way.
I think maybe some of the other Canadian soldiers killed previously, were due to inexperience in the field. But probably not these guys. But hard to tell.

Louise said...

I agree with you 99.99999% Winston. The only place where we differ is as Chester says. Americans are dying, too and they are certainly not inexperienced. Damn the Liberals. Under their watch we became a third rate bit player in the world and our once highly regarded reputation is now a mere shadow of itself. I hope the Conservatives will be around long enough to undo that travesty.

Leap Frog said...

Very much liked your write up Winston, although I too, while reading it, was hearing voices of our soldiers say, 'We are professional soldiers by choice'.

The guys there are well versed in what's expected of them I believe, although I think their equipment is lacking as much as the support from our liberal media and their fans with this WoT. I have spoken with American military members and they say our guys are very dedicated and professionally well trained, and that they'd work with them anytime.

Thanks for remembering our fallen heroes so respectfully.

Joseph Salomonsen said...
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D.C. said...

My Thanks to you Winston for covering the Defense issues, it is so important.

Excellent post!

Since we are talking about inexperience, this got me going as well.

The inexperience or should we call it immaturity/irresponsibility, regarding the understanding of our national interest and good Defense policies lies in the previous Liberal leadership, and has been applauded by our morally corrupted CBC.

I never understood the peace keeping missions. How can one keep peace when a battle is going on?
As Gen Lewis Mackenzie said, we have keeping the two sides fighting by making sure they get safely all what they need. We can only keep peace once it is achieved, can't keep something that is not.

Winston, I will put your links in our blogrolls today sometimes, I am very happy that we found your site! I think Louise is to be thanked for that.

Rosemary said...

Dear Winston,
I am sorry to hear of this news. I know it is normal to strike out at those whom are responsible (or we think are responsible), so I will not add to the fire.

Yes, the Left is wrong in many ways, and they will never pay because the Right will always take the upper road. Once we get the damn road headed for the cliff, maybe then we'll remember how to fight back...