Sunday, April 9, 2006

Why backing the War on Terror

I have always faced questions regarding my support for the global war against terrorism and Islamo-fascism as an Iranian individual.

The answer is obvious to me, but my sentiments for backing this essential war is far beyond my resentments for the Mullahcracy of Iran and their occupation of my homeland since 1979.

I see the US led war on terror an essential step in the world we are living in and that I also don't want to surrender to the fascists and live under a world wide Islamic caliphate run by people like Khamenei or Bin Laden.

I do see the United States of America under the leadership of President Bush as the only force capable of fighting the Islamofascists.

Remember that the US helped save the world as we know it in the 1940s during the second world war, and defeated Nazism and Fascism in different fronts.

Yes, today is no different than those days and like I mentioned, the US and most of the western democracies are the only forces capable of fighting the evil of Islamo-fascism effectively.

It is "a moral obligation and an ethical duty" to assist those who need the assistance and if the free world doesn't live up to its obligations and promises, then in a short while, all of us will have to live in a failed and disintegrated world under the rule of Islamists.

In my previous post I did mention the notion of spreading hope and freedom through out the middle east region where millions of people are kept in darkness and are under constant ideological brainwashing.

That is what is happening in today Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and many other countries.

I'd argue that no one deserves to live under the rule of the tyrants and no one has to endure the hardship imposed by the self claimed dictators.

For the first time in the history of the Islamic world, a dictator (Saddam) is being tried by his own people for the crimes he committed against his own people.

It is a good sign and it is also a lesson for all other mideast dictators to learn. It is only one of the outcomes of the war on terror.

All I can say is that the existence of freedom and civilization of mankind is at stake and depended on this war.

If the civilized world fails and does not complete the war on terrorism, what man has achieved throughout history will disappear and cease to exist.
I will write more on WOT ((War On Terror)) soon!


chester said...

"I do see the United States of America under the leadership of President Bush as the only force capable of fighting the Islamofascists."

YES. That's the scariest part.
When he leaves office, we may very well swing back to having a democrat as president. And then we'll be up sh#t creek.

Pres. Bush needs to get things rolling and to the point of no return as far as the WOT and regime change in Iran. So that if a democrat gets in (or a weak republican ), they won't have a choice which way they have to proceed.

I hope he can do this. said...

Thank you for your mail. Ive added your blog on my website.
A tip on what you can do for more visitors is to write also on farsi.
Good Luck

Leap Frog said...

I do as well Winston and Chester.

Only two years to get this over the hump to to worse case senario.

Shirin said...

"War under leadership of Pre. Bush?!" 'Couldn't disagree with you more! I can't see the point why are you guys so damn persisting on this idea?! get rael! it's NOT gonna work!
And by that, I don't mean that I want a buch of stone-minded people whom under the name of Islam and its prophet Muhammad, ruined my presious country over 27 years, to stay any second longer! However throwing a war is NOT the solution.
It's like following the same path as Mullas do; fighting back with the same weapon, which is intellectually insane!
There's alot to discuss about this and relating topics...would be glad to have a little chat with you in an appropriate time.
...with hope of having a free IRAN, soon, in near future.

Rosemary said...

I adore your mind and heart. What a beautiful post to read as I awake. You are a breath of fresh air. :)

Rosemary said...

Dear Shirin,
President Bush does not desire to go into Iran. I do believe you may be mistaken.

He is aware that the Iranians are a proud people, and also that they desire freedom from the mullocracy.

One way to do this is to support the opposition. Financially, morally, up front and on the record.

The only problem is Ahmadinejad. Well, the others as well. We cannot allow them to obtain nuclear weapons.

Hitler told us what he would do if we did nothing. We did nothing, and look what happened!

I hope you have a better understanding. Saddam never signed a peace treaty. It was a cease-fire. He continued to fire upon our men and women. We had every right to remove him along with his regime. If only Iraq's neighbor's would leave them alone! Ya know? Have a good week.

Winston said...

Shirin, read my post again....

I didn't talk about waging a war on Iran.